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Swimming Trophies and Awards

Custom made swimming trophies are always in stock at QuickTrophy. Trophies commemorating a youth’s first swim, or a first swim meet are always appropriate. Then as youth get older and more skilled, then participation trophies are replaced with accomplishment trophies and larger trophies for swim meet wins. Then the championship trophies are awarded for the large regional swim meets and big school swimming and diving events. No matter what stage in life your young swimmer is, you can easily find a trophy or award at QuickTrophy to fill your need. Our easy order system allows you to order your swimming awards in only minutes – including setting up and reviewing your custom trophy engraving. Even if you have a huge swim meet for a district or regional event and need hundreds of trophies and medals, we can easily handle fulfilling your order.

The most popular swimming trophies are those with stars and stripes flag theme columns and those with blue columns to reflect the color of the swimming pool. We stock 3 different styles of blue columns, so there is likely something to satisfy your requirements. In addition, we stock many other colors of columns, including the strangely popular orange. A very popular style of trophy are the trim trophies, which allow you to choose the place of the trophy (1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place) or the year of the award. We are a custom shop – we never make and stock and stock up on trophies ahead of time. We don’t purchase pre-made trophies from overseas. Each swimming trophy is made according to your color, size, and shape specifications, the personalized engraved trophy plates are laser engraved to match your instructions, and the completed trophies are shipped out the door by the next business day. Then they are delivered to your door as quickly as possible.

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 Avg. Customer Review
 Number of Reviews: 2671
Ordered trophies and medals for a 8th grade graduation. Service was fast and awesome!!
Nicole-Lafayette, LA
My order was last minute....we were against time and hoping to get our 44 trophies here on time for our pageant. We did!!! The quality, selection, pricing and customer service was amazing! We will continue to do business with you.
I would like to see a male option for a king trophy.
Other than that keep up the great work
Anonymous-Anytown, AT 55555
I was hesitant to use an online vendor for trophies, as we live in CA. As a native of the U.P., I figured the service would be nothing but spectacular. Quick Trophy far exceeded my expectations. Each step of the process was efficient, organized and professional. I received the trophies in about a week. The website is designed appropriately for a user's needs. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!! Thanks for the great experience.
Christine-Folsom, CA
Our disc golf club has used Quick Trophy for many years now and have had nothing but great experiences. They have been prompt and accurate with all of our 10+ orders. Even when we made mistakes they were extremely helpful and fixed our problem quickly and thoughtfully.
Jack-Durham, NC USA
Will probably do business with you again. Thanks
Real-Montreal Canada
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