Participation Trophies and Awards

One of the ongoing discussions in youth sports involves the matter of trophies and awards for participation.

One of the ongoing discussions in youth sports involves the matter of participation trophies and awards – trophies awarded for participation in a sport or event. There are valid arguments for each side of the issue as this blog post from Sports Signup reveals. Which side of the debate do you find yourself on? Perhaps you will read something that will sway your feelings one way or another.

Many coaches and parents feel that children should not receive awards at the end of the season simply for showing up to the games and practices. Those sorts of rewards should be reserved for those kids who make extraordinary contributions to the team. In their eyes, handing out awards for participation cheapens the contributions of those kids who go above and beyond.

Trophies and Awards Aren’t Harmful

On the other side of the debate are the parents and coaches who feel that such participation awards and trophies are not harmful in any way. Their argument is that they encourage young players to feel like they are part of a team. This can be just the push that a reluctant child needs to try a new sport or to show up for practices each day. Other types of trophies and awards can be handed out to those players who made a big contribution to the team as well.

Cup Trophy

In this blog post on the Outside the Lines website, opposing views on the hotly debated topic of automatic sports trophies and awards that are received

by a child simply for participating are presented. Where do you stand on the topic? Do you see validity in both sides of the argument?


This article debates a question that often plagues coaches, particularly when it comes to games with younger children who might be experiencing team sports for the first time. Should all children receive trophies and awards is the question that sparks a great deal of debate. Read it and decide for yourself.


Personally, I think there is a place for Participation Awards – it’s not an All or Nothing argument. Youth athletes, particularly those just starting in a sport, should be encouraged and rewarded for going to practice and at least making an effort. And they should be encouraged to play and act like a team – Isn’t that what team sports are all about? And if the team wins or fails, they do so together, and giving them a pat on the back with a participation trophy for giving it their best is very appropriate.

As they get older, and they recognize that trophies are special and need to be earned by trying harder and being better, then participation trophies should give way to championship trophies and individual awards for MVP, most improved, etc. We should give kids some credit – they do know the difference. But even when they are older, participation trophies are very appropriate for division, regional, and state tournaments. Just making it to the “next level” is well worth recognizing.

How To Build An Indestructible Team

No matter how big or small your business is, you most likely want to make the best of it.

No matter how big or small your business is, you most likely want to make the best of it. If you want to make it grow as much as possible, then there are two categories of people you will simply not be able to live without: your employees and your customers. Keeping them happy and united is the key to success, regardless of the field of your activity. We will present a set of tips on how to build an indestructible team any business owner would dream of: One that loves working for you, one that puts in as much effort as they can, and one that knows that there is no first person singular in a group of people working together.

Team Building: Doing It Right Will Save The Day

Most companies organize team building activities on a regular basis. And they know why: creating good relationships between the employees helps to make work much better for them; thus, they will be more effective in working together for the sake of everyone’s happiness.

Team building exercises are of four types: communication exercises, trust exercises, planning exercises, and problem solving exercises. Keep these in mind whenever you want to organize team building activities and try to group them according to their type. Here you have two examples of activities for the first two categories mentioned above:

  • The circle of friends. Have everyone sit in a circle. Every person has a chair of their own, except one, who stands in the middle of the circle. This person starts by saying something he/she likes or dislikes. Those who agree with him/her stand up and try to grab another person’s chair. One will be left out. And then the game starts all over.
  • The Lie. Have everyone write one true story and one lie on a piece of paper. Every person will have to tell the true story as if it were a lie and the lie as if it were truth. The others will have to guess which story is true and which one is a lie.
  • The knot. Split everyone in small groups (5-8 people). Have them close their eyes and put their hands forward. While they have their eyes closed, unify each hand with another hand until it all looks like a knot. Tell them to open their eyes and remake the circle without letting go of their hands.
  • The Pharaoh. This one will require a lot of trust between the partners of the game, so try doing it only when the team has already been shaped. Again, group people in small circles of 5-8 and have one person sit in the middle with their hands crossed over their chest (just like a Pharaoh) and their eyes closed. Remember, for this exercise, the circle has to be very tight, so tell everyone to stand as near as possible to their left and right partners. Once the person in the middle has closed their eyes, tell one of the circle members to push him/her gently. The circle will always have to catch softly the person in the middle, as he/she is bouncing from one part of the group to the other.

Making Your Employees Feel Important

Show your workers how much they mean to you and how important they are to the entire business. Sometimes, a raise or a bonus is not an option, especially when on a very tight budget. Still, there are many ways to make them feel good about their work.

  • Training. Those who are passionate about their career will always appreciate some extra learning, especially when it is provided by the company and when they can get certificates for it.
  • Happy Friday. Once in awhile, organize hangouts: drinks, pizza, karaoke. This is also a great and fun way to break the ice between older employees and newer ones and to build a hardworking, loyal team.
  • Small gifts. Be careful with these, and only use this reward system if you know your employees very well. Candy, wine, plush bears- anything can work, really, but only if you know for a fact that they will love that gift.
  • Plaques and trophies. If you have an “employee of the month” section, then this is the perfect way of showing them that they are really important. This manner of rewarding is relatively inexpensive, but it will pay off when you see the pride and excitement on your worker’s face. “Hey, I got a plaque with my name and picture on it” will be on his/her lips for the rest of the month.

Whichever of these activities and ways of expressing your gratitude you might choose, always keep in mind that it is your staff that makes things move for your business. They are worth all your attention and all your devotion, the same as you are worth theirs. Treasure them and show them how great they are doing. Eventually, it will lead to the production of high quality products and services and your business will prosper like never before.

Appreciation Awards do Matter

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception.

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception. In today’s global economic environment, businesses are facing even more fierce competition than ever before from other companies in the local area as well as those across the world. Keeping those employees who are the best at what they do is a win-win Star Employeesituation for both the employee and the business. Appreciation awards and trophies can help!

As Josh Bersin writes in this Forbes article, the most recent research points to facts like the companies who take the time to thank their employees on a regular basis outperform their competitors time and again. Yet many companies still cling to the outdated method of rewarding employees on a consistent basis only for their long service, instead of concrete accomplishments that help the business meet, or exceed, its goals.

Of course, staying with one company, through all its ups and downs and growing pains still deserves acknowledgement as well. Perhaps a combination of recognition for key milestones for length with the company and acknowledgement for a job well done is in order. After all, smart businesses want to keep their great talent to help them reach their future goals as well as to prevent the competition from enjoying their expertise. Use appreciation trophies and awards to recognize those employees.

Gone are the days when tenure meant a lot to employees besides those in academic circles. Instead, employees need to recognize their top employees using other methods. These include acknowledging them with appreciation trophies and awards for the specific things they do to help further the company’s mission, not just a general “Good job” award. Read about four more ideas in this Forbes article.

Car Show Trophies and Awards

A lot goes into planning a car show. The organizer wants to make it a worthwhile experience for both the people who bring their cars to participate, as well as those people who come as spectators.

A lot goes into planning a car show.  The organizer wants to make it a worthwhile experience for both the people who bring their cars to participate, as well as those people who come as spectators. In fact, without the car enthusiasts, there would be no car show to begin with. Fortunately, the type of people who have cars that are out of the ordinary are the type that like to show them off. Collecting car show trophies and awards, as well as plaques is one way they get gratification from their collections.


Major Sports Awards and Trophies

In the world of sports, outstanding performances by teams and individual players are often rewarded with recognition, fame, awards, and trophies.

In the world of sports, some of the sports awards and trophies are more recognized than the teams and individual players who win them. Below are the biggest sports awards and trophies in professional hockey, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, golf, and other sports:

Stanley Cup

The winning team in each NHL season is presented with the Stanley Cup, a 35.25” tall and 34.5 pound trophy which was donated by Lord Stanley back in 1892. To this day, it remains the oldest major trophy that professional teams and athletes compete for in all of North America. The winning team’s players’ names are engraved on the trophy.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

The winning team in the World Cup (soccer) is presented with the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The Cup is given every four years and the trophy has been a tradition in sports that first started back in 1974, replacing the Jules Rimet Trophy (an award permanently given to Brazil after being the first ever country to win three times in the said competition back in 1970).

Vince Lombardi Trophy

The winning football team in the Super Bowl is presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This award was originally called the World Championship Game Trophy. It was renamed after Vince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers, when he died in 1970. The said coach won the first two Super Bowl titles for the Packers in 1967 and 1968.

Larry O’Brien Trophy

The winners of THE NBA playoffs are presented with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The trophy, which stands at about two feet tall and weighs almost 16 pounds, was originally called the NBA Championship Trophy in 1978 but renamed later in 1984 after Larry O’Brien, a former NBA Commissioner. Tiffany & Co. creates a new trophy each year for the NBA.

Commissioner’s Trophy

The emerging champions of the MLB’s World Series are awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. The first ever award was given back in 1967 (St. Louis Cardinals – Boston Red Sox championship games). There are 30 flags on the trophy, representative of every one of the league’s teams. The trophy is made from sterling silver, and is the only one of all four major sports league trophies in America that is not named after a person.

Other Major Trophies

  • Claret Jug – Awarded to the British Open (golf) winner
  • William Webb Ellis Trophy – Awarded to the Rugby Union World Cup winner
  • Heisman Trophy – Awarded to college football’s best player (annually)
  • James Naismith Trophy – Awarded to the college basketball’s best player

Wearable Trophies

Not all awards in sports are in the form of trophies. Some come in the likes of medals, certificates, and even jackets. Despite the form they come in, these are huge honors for different athletes in the world of sports.

  • Olympic Medals – Awarded to the winner of the Olympic games, once every four years. These medals became world-wide awards for world-wide competitions since 1896.
  • The Green Jacket – Winners of the PGA Masters tournament are awarded a green jacket since 1937. The previous year’s champion traditionally presents the next champion with this prestiged award.

There are different awards and trophies for all kinds of sports. Here, we highlighted those given to outstanding athletes in the NBA, NHL, MLB, Super Bowl, and the soccer FIFA World Cup, among other major awards in the Olympics, golf and collegiate level. College athletes who are recognized early on often make it to the big leagues later in their career. These are representations of the hard work and success achieved by athletes and teams, often a good source of motivation and encouragement during each season of playing.

Awards for Motivation

There are different ways to motivate workers and employees. Some are able to motivate themselves, while some need a form of external encouragement.

star.performerThere are different ways to motivate workers and employees. Some are able to motivate themselves, while some need a form of external encouragement. Working for a company that you believe in, or doing a job that you really love are the two best situations that a working adult can ever have. However, even the most dedicated and passionate individuals need some sort of motivation in time, especially if they’ve been doing the same kind of work for a long time. Here’s where appreciation trophies and awards come in handy.

Depending on the company administration, awards for motivation can be given on a monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly basis. Titles like “Employee of the Month” or “Highest Sales” are some of the titles and acknowledgments that we are familiar with. The awards can come in many other forms, too. This is the company or the employer’s way to let the workers know that hard work, loyalty, and dedication to the job still matters no matter how long they’ve been there. Incentives may also come with these accomplishments, through material gifts, monetary bonuses, or even promotions.

Not everybody receives these awards all the time, so these can also boost the individual’s self-esteem and renew their drive for the work that they do. Appreciation trophies and awards are merely concrete proof that the company values its best employees, it is the sentiment behind it – the real “appreciation” – that counts the most.

Finally, check out this blog post on unique award ideas published in the General Motivation Blog. You can give a simple personalized gift set such as framed artwork, or bronze statues with themes matching specific occasions such as car show trophies or animal trophies. QuickTrophy has all sorts of awards and trophies you can think of!