Achievement Awards for 2012 Movies

When you start discussing achievement awards and trophies, movies instantly come to achievement awardmind. It is always a big deal at the end of any year when the top numbers list of that year hits the scene. Mandy talks about top achievements in her article for, “The First Annual Reelzie Awards: A Distinguished Achievement in Special Excellence.”  There were many, many good to great movies in 2012, but only a few that stand out enough to be mentioned in my humble opinion.

“Finding Nemo in 3D” and “Monsters INC. in 3D” are two of those movies. You would think that just remaking an already existing movie into something that jumps out at the crowd would be lame. Only this time it wasn’t, these were amazing films that the whole family enjoyed.

“The Dark Knight Rises,” while tragic was still an amazing movie that did every actor that played in it justice.

“Frankenweenie” was also a fun family adventure that will be watched over and over again by kids, and some adults, everywhere.

Of course, the Twilight series conclusion of “Breaking Dawn,” will be the biggest hit of the year as the ones before it have been.

The first ever Reelzie awards show is giving achievement awards for special excellence to “Pitch Perfect.” In Reelzie’s opinion the movie, and the song, were the clear winners for 2012. Mandy reports for on the awards and the event as well. Read her article and see if you agree with the choices that were made.

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