Appreciation Awards do Matter

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception.

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception. In today’s global economic environment, businesses are facing even more fierce competition than ever before from other companies in the local area as well as those across the world. Keeping those employees who are the best at what they do is a win-win Star Employeesituation for both the employee and the business. Appreciation awards and trophies can help!

As Josh Bersin writes in this Forbes article, the most recent research points to facts like the companies who take the time to thank their employees on a regular basis outperform their competitors time and again. Yet many companies still cling to the outdated method of rewarding employees on a consistent basis only for their long service, instead of concrete accomplishments that help the business meet, or exceed, its goals.

Of course, staying with one company, through all its ups and downs and growing pains still deserves acknowledgement as well. Perhaps a combination of recognition for key milestones for length with the company and acknowledgement for a job well done is in order. After all, smart businesses want to keep their great talent to help them reach their future goals as well as to prevent the competition from enjoying their expertise. Use appreciation trophies and awards to recognize those employees.

Gone are the days when tenure meant a lot to employees besides those in academic circles. Instead, employees need to recognize their top employees using other methods. These include acknowledging them with appreciation trophies and awards for the specific things they do to help further the company’s mission, not just a general “Good job” award. Read about four more ideas in this Forbes article.