Build a Trophy Case

Finding a good trophy case can be a difficult task and even after you find one, they are far from affordable. With a few simple tools, you can build a trophy case and save a lot of money. Your very own professional looking trophy and award case. You’ll also get to design the case to fit in with the rest of your furniture and accessories. Read Tyson Simmons instructions for more information. My guess is that after you get started, you will soon understand why commercially available trophy cases are so expensive!

Another alternative is to watch thrift stores for commercial retail display cabinets that can be used to display trophies. Or check the Habitat Re-Store occasionally, they may have a trophy case someone didn’t need anymore or again, they may have an unneeded retail cabinet that would make a good trophy case.

If you don’t feel so ambitious or crafty, you can re-purpose any shelf in the house. Every parent is super proud when their little ones score awards and trophies, and most want to display them to everyone in the world. What is the best way to do that though?  It’s important to not only make sure others see your child’s trophies but that they can see them every day in order to motivate them to strive for more. Janece Bass reports for eHow on the best way to display these awards.

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