New Ideas for Old Trophies

On this Disney discussion board, someone put the question out there on what to do with their old trophies and awards.

What can you do with old trophies and awards? For many people, acquiring trophies and awards of all sorts is a rite of childhood. From school awards for perfect attendance and reaching reading goals to trophies marking play time in the pee wee soccer league or being noticed as the Most Improved Player, it isn’t unusual to reach adulthood and realize you’ve amassed quite the collection. What can be a bit challenging and stressful is deciding what to do with all those glittering decorative items.

To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Question

At the website, the focus is on helping people unclutter their lives. So it seems that this would be the perfect place to turn to if you want ideas on how to repurpose your old trophies or recycle those outdated school awards. And it is. However, it does this with a twist.

In this article, the first order of business is to decide which, if any, of your old trophies and awards you want to keep. By answering two simple questions, you can easily pare down your collection. If you want to display the item or if it inspires you, it’s a keeper. Otherwise, find another place for it to live.

Landfill Alternatives

Instead of tossing them all in the trash, however, this article has a couple of suggestions. You could call your local government recycling program or your local recycling center.  You can also call the business that made the trophy, award or medal and ask if they participate in a program that allows for recycling.

Josh Peterson, from The Learning Channel, outlines a few different places where you might be able to donate those old trophies and awards that have been piling up in your attic or basement. If you are the environmentally conscious sort, you won’t want to miss his informative post that details how to keep these mementos out of your local landfill.


Are you looking for a truly unique way to recycle all those old sports trophies and awards? Kate Pruitt shows you how to do it on the DesignSponge website. In this DIY article, the figurines that make up the vast majority of sports trophies are used as a unique way to hang up jackets, coats and hats.


On this Disney discussion board, someone put the question out there on what to do with their old trophies and awards. The wide range of different, and unique, answers will likely spark an idea or two of your own so you can enjoy a more simplified existence and a more streamlined display.

There are many things that can be done with old trophies and awards besides sending them to the landfill. Just a little creative thought can find a home for them!

Appreciation Awards do Matter

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception.

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done, and the employees of today are no exception. In today’s global economic environment, businesses are facing even more fierce competition than ever before from other companies in the local area as well as those across the world. Keeping those employees who are the best at what they do is a win-win Star Employeesituation for both the employee and the business. Appreciation awards and trophies can help!

As Josh Bersin writes in this Forbes article, the most recent research points to facts like the companies who take the time to thank their employees on a regular basis outperform their competitors time and again. Yet many companies still cling to the outdated method of rewarding employees on a consistent basis only for their long service, instead of concrete accomplishments that help the business meet, or exceed, its goals.

Of course, staying with one company, through all its ups and downs and growing pains still deserves acknowledgement as well. Perhaps a combination of recognition for key milestones for length with the company and acknowledgement for a job well done is in order. After all, smart businesses want to keep their great talent to help them reach their future goals as well as to prevent the competition from enjoying their expertise. Use appreciation trophies and awards to recognize those employees.

Gone are the days when tenure meant a lot to employees besides those in academic circles. Instead, employees need to recognize their top employees using other methods. These include acknowledging them with appreciation trophies and awards for the specific things they do to help further the company’s mission, not just a general “Good job” award. Read about four more ideas in this Forbes article.

Car Show Trophies and Awards

A lot goes into planning a car show. The organizer wants to make it a worthwhile experience for both the people who bring their cars to participate, as well as those people who come as spectators.

A lot goes into planning a car show.  The organizer wants to make it a worthwhile experience for both the people who bring their cars to participate, as well as those people who come as spectators. In fact, without the car enthusiasts, there would be no car show to begin with. Fortunately, the type of people who have cars that are out of the ordinary are the type that like to show them off. Collecting car show trophies and awards, as well as plaques is one way they get gratification from their collections.


Major Sports Awards and Trophies

In the world of sports, outstanding performances by teams and individual players are often rewarded with recognition, fame, awards, and trophies.

In the world of sports, some of the sports awards and trophies are more recognized than the teams and individual players who win them. Below are the biggest sports awards and trophies in professional hockey, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, golf, and other sports:

Stanley Cup

The winning team in each NHL season is presented with the Stanley Cup, a 35.25” tall and 34.5 pound trophy which was donated by Lord Stanley back in 1892. To this day, it remains the oldest major trophy that professional teams and athletes compete for in all of North America. The winning team’s players’ names are engraved on the trophy.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

The winning team in the World Cup (soccer) is presented with the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The Cup is given every four years and the trophy has been a tradition in sports that first started back in 1974, replacing the Jules Rimet Trophy (an award permanently given to Brazil after being the first ever country to win three times in the said competition back in 1970).

Vince Lombardi Trophy

The winning football team in the Super Bowl is presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This award was originally called the World Championship Game Trophy. It was renamed after Vince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers, when he died in 1970. The said coach won the first two Super Bowl titles for the Packers in 1967 and 1968.

Larry O’Brien Trophy

The winners of THE NBA playoffs are presented with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The trophy, which stands at about two feet tall and weighs almost 16 pounds, was originally called the NBA Championship Trophy in 1978 but renamed later in 1984 after Larry O’Brien, a former NBA Commissioner. Tiffany & Co. creates a new trophy each year for the NBA.

Commissioner’s Trophy

The emerging champions of the MLB’s World Series are awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. The first ever award was given back in 1967 (St. Louis Cardinals – Boston Red Sox championship games). There are 30 flags on the trophy, representative of every one of the league’s teams. The trophy is made from sterling silver, and is the only one of all four major sports league trophies in America that is not named after a person.

Other Major Trophies

  • Claret Jug – Awarded to the British Open (golf) winner
  • William Webb Ellis Trophy – Awarded to the Rugby Union World Cup winner
  • Heisman Trophy – Awarded to college football’s best player (annually)
  • James Naismith Trophy – Awarded to the college basketball’s best player

Wearable Trophies

Not all awards in sports are in the form of trophies. Some come in the likes of medals, certificates, and even jackets. Despite the form they come in, these are huge honors for different athletes in the world of sports.

  • Olympic Medals – Awarded to the winner of the Olympic games, once every four years. These medals became world-wide awards for world-wide competitions since 1896.
  • The Green Jacket – Winners of the PGA Masters tournament are awarded a green jacket since 1937. The previous year’s champion traditionally presents the next champion with this prestiged award.

There are different awards and trophies for all kinds of sports. Here, we highlighted those given to outstanding athletes in the NBA, NHL, MLB, Super Bowl, and the soccer FIFA World Cup, among other major awards in the Olympics, golf and collegiate level. College athletes who are recognized early on often make it to the big leagues later in their career. These are representations of the hard work and success achieved by athletes and teams, often a good source of motivation and encouragement during each season of playing.

Awards for Motivation

There are different ways to motivate workers and employees. Some are able to motivate themselves, while some need a form of external encouragement.

star.performerThere are different ways to motivate workers and employees. Some are able to motivate themselves, while some need a form of external encouragement. Working for a company that you believe in, or doing a job that you really love are the two best situations that a working adult can ever have. However, even the most dedicated and passionate individuals need some sort of motivation in time, especially if they’ve been doing the same kind of work for a long time. Here’s where appreciation trophies and awards come in handy.

Depending on the company administration, awards for motivation can be given on a monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly basis. Titles like “Employee of the Month” or “Highest Sales” are some of the titles and acknowledgments that we are familiar with. The awards can come in many other forms, too. This is the company or the employer’s way to let the workers know that hard work, loyalty, and dedication to the job still matters no matter how long they’ve been there. Incentives may also come with these accomplishments, through material gifts, monetary bonuses, or even promotions.

Not everybody receives these awards all the time, so these can also boost the individual’s self-esteem and renew their drive for the work that they do. Appreciation trophies and awards are merely concrete proof that the company values its best employees, it is the sentiment behind it – the real “appreciation” – that counts the most.

Finally, check out this blog post on unique award ideas published in the General Motivation Blog. You can give a simple personalized gift set such as framed artwork, or bronze statues with themes matching specific occasions such as car show trophies or animal trophies. QuickTrophy has all sorts of awards and trophies you can think of!

Displaying Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards are proof of your brilliance and can help you make a great first impression on potential clients, add to your reputation

Trophies and awards are proof of your brilliance and can help you make a great first impression on potential clients, add to your reputation, draw admiration or envy from anyone who looks at them. With all these benefits you can get out of your accumulated medals and awards, it’s unwise to have them lying forgotten under a pile of old junk or thrown higgledy-piggledy on some obscure shelf. Here’s some tips on displaying trophies and awards for the best effect.

Instead, follow these great tips by Megan Allen to let your trophies reflect your shining achievements.

Decide which room you want the trophies and medals displayed in. Choose a prominent shelf for yachievement awardour trophies and a wall for your medals, preferably one overlooking the entrance to the room. Position the trophies in a way that the tallest ones are at the back and shorter ones in front.

Place your medals in a shadow box. Shadow boxes are framed boxes that are deep enough to hold items and are great for displaying medals and even trophies.

Adding lights over the shelves and shadow boxes will spotlight your awards and add to the interest. You can use small battery operated lights – the stick-on type. For enhancing the display, you can also add framed photographs of yourself receiving the awards.

What’s an Oscar Worth?

Did you watch the 85th Oscar award ceremony? It was a great event indeed with all the glitz and glamour.

Did you watch the 85th Oscar award ceremony? It was a great event indeed with all the glitz and glamour. What’s an Oscar worth? Each of the roughly 13-inch tall and 8 pound, 24-karat gold-plated statues is worth around $900 according to the current gold prices – If you could buy one.

If you ever won an Oscar statue, would you sell it off?  I wouldn’t, not just Oscar but any other of the award medals I ever win either. It just doesn’t seem right.  Awards aren’t worth just money, there’s a lot more to them: happy memories of heartwarming victories which no amount of bucks can ever pay for. But lots of Oscar winners have sold of their awards over the years. I wonder what drove them to? The priciest one ever sold was in 1999 to Michael Jackson. He paid more than $1.5 million for the 1939 Best Picture award given to the producers of “Gone with the Wind!”

Turns out that even if you did win an Oscar, you couldn’t sell it. Ever since 1950 the Oscar winners have had to sign a contract with the Academy which states that they will sell back their award to the Academy itself, if ever they wanted to get rid of it. This rule doesn’t apply to the trophies awarded until the 22nd Oscar ceremony.

Mike Krumboltz writes more about some of the Oscar statues that have been sold so far.  Steven Spielberg, who has won 3 Oscars himself,  spent a little over a million to purchase a Best Actor and a Best Actress trophy, and then ended up donating the statues back to the Academy.

Different Types of Sports Awards

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports.

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports. In all levels – from the most professional leagues to the amateur and junior players – there are many ways to recognize excellence in performance and contribution. Here are some of the awards and trophies in the sports world:

Most Valuable Player

This is probably the most prestigious and sought after award in sports. The MVP award is given to players who show a good balance of team leadership, scoring and statistical prowess, and being a good character in general to uphold the whole league’s persona. This means that more often than not, being MVP isn’t just about scoring the most points – that is just one facet of the story.

Rookie of the Year

This award is given in different leagues, such as the NBA and the MLB. It is an annual title given to the top athlete of the said league after having played their first season. This award has been considered as a good “omen” in sports. For instance, the basketball icon, Michael Jordan, was rookie of the year and then went on to win multiple MVP awards – and the rest is history. This isn’t a sure fire hit, though, especially in the MLB. Major League Baseball rookie of the year awardees are known to either be mediocre players or be out of the sport altogether.

Coach of the Year

We all know that the awards and trophies that a sports team is given relies not just on the athleticism of its players. A big part of the win depends on the coaching staff who strategize and advise the players behind the scenes. Every league should give an annual coach of the year award to managers and/or head coaches. The award is based on performance that exceeds expectation, the creation of success from young and/or rookie players, or perhaps being able to overcome a great deal of stress and adversity.

Kids’ Sports Trophies and Awards

Children are often encouraged to play sports to learn many lessons – courage, confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, as well as the physical athleticism that comes with the games. As with any big league, minor and kids’ leagues also bestow awards and trophies to deserving players.

  • Certificates – These are given after each game, instead of waiting for the end of the season. This way, players who did good at a particular day of playing receive the recognition that they deserve. Usual points for this award are outstanding defensive and offensive players or leadership awards. This is a great way for schools to make sure that more than just a few kids get their shot at being recognized.
  • Athletic Awards – These awards will highlight the athletic abilities of the players at the end of the season. Base the awards on defensive and offensive plays, as well as an MVP award. Schools can also go specific with these awards. For instance, in basketball, the awards can include best shooter, best dribbler, highest jumper, fastest player, etc. It is also a good idea to give an award for the player who has improved most athletically since the beginning of the season to encourage kids to practice and improve their skills all throughout the year.
  • Attitude Awards – Aside from the athletic side of the sport, it is good to recognize the players who have showcased an outstanding good and healthy attitude during the game. Titles that come to mind include best sportsmanship, best attitude, and best leadership, among others. The team with the most “spirit” also deserves praise. At an early age, these awards can give kids the confidence boost that they need.
  • Comic Titles – For fun, schools and leagues can also hand out “funny awards” that can give both players and parents a good laugh as the season ends. It is important to consider the age of the kids, so that they’ll be able to understand the humor behind the awards. Examples would be the biggest oops, the season’s biggest fall, and a couple of “most likely to…” awards. It is a good idea to gather round the players and coaches themselves to vote for the winners of these awards, since they know each other better than anyone. This would be a lot of fun, especially when they award the Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Practice award! More ideas will surely come out mid-season as the antics show themselves during the games.

RAF Volunteer to Receive Award

Jenny Green of Ketton is set to receive the lifetime achievement award for setting up the RAF and helping widows of military personnel.

Jenny Green of Ketton, a well known RAF volunteer, is set to receive the lifetime achievement award for setting up the RAF and helping widows of military personnel. Jenny is 64 years old and lost her husband in a 1992 tornado crash. No one is more deserving of this award than Green. Alex Moore reports for the Rutland and Stamford Mercury.


Trophies and Motivation

How do trophies motivate us? Should we give trophies to our children, or are we only encouraging competition?

How do trophies motivate us? is there a link between trophies and motivation? Should we give trophies to our children, or are we only encouraging competition? The trophy debate has been around almost as long as trophies have themselves. Now awards and trophies are mainly associated with sports. But in the past, they were given to warriors and meant more than just ‘well done’.

Awards and Trophies: A Brief History

The history of trophies and awards can be traced back to ancient Greece, when warriors created their own trophies from captured standards and arms. If there was a naval victory, a ‘trophy’ could be an entire fleet of ships – or the remains of the ships – laid out across the beach. In fact, the word ‘trophy’ comes from the Latin word, ‘trophaeum’, which means ‘monument to victory.’ And the trophies of the past were no more than that – victory monuments. The ancient Romans built their own stone trophies, carving stone and placing their trophies on magnificent stone memorials. After their age passed, however, trophies began to be less about a victory in battle or a historical marker, and more about sports. In the Middle Ages, knights were given chalices or prizes for their victories in one of the many popular sporting events of the time. As the awards became more sophisticated, they also became very popular in sports such as horse racing and, as the years passed by, automobile racing. Now, trophies are used in almost every sport, and help encourage our players and give them something to strive for.

Competition and Motivation

Over the years, a debate has raged on about how trophies affect our sports players. True, they’re motivating, but what about the competition factor? On the one hand, you can’t have sports without competition. On the other hand, is a trophy encouraging an unhealthy amount of competition? Sports should be fun, even if you don’t get an award! While this may not be such a crucial debate in major league sports, it’s definitely a controversial one when it comes to the minor leagues. How much do we want our children to compete? People are worried that awards do more harm than good. Should we encourage or discourage trophies?

It’s hard to strike a balance, but when people go against trophies, they’re missing a crucial part of any sport. What would a game look like if there was no winner and no loser? If neither team or individual ever could win? First, the entire point of the game is gone. Games – from sports to strategy games – are meant to challenge us. When a trophy is introduced, it just raises the stakes, and we challenge ourselves more. Just like real life, there are winners and losers in sports. A trophy both rewards the winners and encourages the losers to try harder and to challenge themselves more.

Why Do We Give Trophies?

Do we give trophies to unite kids and motivate them or to divide kids and make them compete? The answer is both. Especially in team sports, kids work together for a common goal: to win. Believe it or not, it’s easier to make friends with someone you play against on the field than someone you have a passing acquaintance with in school. But a trophy also lets kids compete and then be rewarded if they do a good job. Trophies prepare children for the world that they’ll enter as soon as they grow older. They encourage dedication and commitment. The next time you see a sports team win – or lose – think about trophies and how they’re encouraging our kids.