How to Clean Bronze Award Plaques

Winning an award plaque is an honor for anyone, regardless of what it’s for. However, keeping bronze award plaques shiny and looking like new can be a chore.

Winning an award plaque is an honor for anyone, regardless of what it’s for. However, keeping bronze award plaques shiny and looking like new can be a chore. Melynda Sorrel gives us some tips in her article for eHow on how to clean a bronze plaque and even some reasons that you might have one to start with.


Bronze award plaques sit outdoors and commemorate things as mundane as park benches or as grand as a cathedral. But being exposed to the elements does tarnish them. And they are easy to clean with simple products you can find in your home.


Classic Car Show Tips

While the best part about owning a classic car is lovingly restoring it to its former glory, it is nice to show it off and win trophies for all of your hard work every now and show trophy

Here are a few common sense classic car show tips. Removing all of the rust from a classic car is sure to help you with the judges. No judge, or any car lover for that matter, wants to see a classic that has spots rusted out on it. There are tips for removing all of the rust as well as how to do it.

Polishing and waxing is another way to make your baby shine. Wait until right before the show so that it’s sparkling when the judges see it. While a coat of wax alone won’t win the trophy, if your car doesn’t shine, it won’t get noticed as much.

One of the fun things about dealing in classic cars is getting to show them off once they are restored, and hopefully taking home awards and trophies for all of your hard work. In order to get those trophies however, your classic car needs to outshine all of the others. Dennis Hartman reports for eHow on some classic car tips that will have your car shining in no time at all.


Following these classic car show tips will not only show that you take loving care of your classic car, but will help you to take home the awards and trophies that you have always wanted to.

Wording Ideas for Lifetime Achievement Awards

Whether you are presenting achievement awards for sports or for good works, what you put on the certificate is important both to you and the person receiving it. After reading Ed Bouchettes article for entitled “Hines Ward Honored with Dapper Dan Lifetime Achievement Award,” I started thinking about what exactly should go on the award. What words should be used?

achievement awardA lifetime achievement award is usually given to someone who has dedicated their life to a worthy cause or given to the community in a major way. Because of the importance of the award, the names of very influential people in the community should be on the certificate. You need to write a clear statement letting it be known just what the person did to receive the award. Lifetime achievement awards are a big honor to receive and are only given to the best of the best.

Including phrases such as “awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment,” is important to let the recipient know that their outstanding contributions are being awarded and noted.

No matter what you put on the award that you are presenting, make sure that the person receiving it knows just how special they are and that the rest of the world knows as well.

WWII Veterans to Receive Award Medals

Our war veterans are a crucial part of our history and many of the veterans from World War II are passing away daily due to age without receiving the award medals they should have been presented with more than 65 years ago.

Historians like Jerry Barksdale that specialize in World War II biographies, are working hard to preserve the legacies left behind by these heroes.  During his research, Barksdale uncovered four veterans from the Athens, Alabama area who were awarded honors during their service in World War II, yet had not been presented with the actual award medals.  He also uncovered distinctions they should have been awarded yet had not.

The four WWII veterans to receive award medals for various honors for their service including the Legion of Honor medal issued by the French government.  The medal was instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte and is awarded “to recognize the special contribution and act of bravery while fighting for the liberation of our country…”  The men all aided the French Resistance during the 1940’s.

Although it is unclear why the men are only now being awarded the many medals they were to be awarded, Barksdale says he feels it is about time.  He believes the men deserve recognition for their efforts on behalf of civil liberation and now is better than never.

Read more about these four incredible men and their achievements in this article.

Charles Wright of Conway was finally handed his award medals for his service in the Iwo Jima campaign during World War II.  Researchers found Wright had been awarded the honors for the two medals, yet after 70 years he still had not received the actual medals. reports on this on this oversight that was finally rectified.

Trophies Build Pride

trophies build prideA customer purchasing trophies for an event at a YMCA recently wrote to us. She said “The children have a high quality product to be proud of and cherish for a life time.” Isn’t that what it’s all about? Seeing the smile on the faces of the children who receive the trophy is priceless. You can see it fills them with pride and builds their self confidence. You can almost hear them thinking “… if I can do this, then what else can I do?” Who knows what the seed of pride will sprout and grow into? It seems as though trophies build pride.

And just as precious is the feeling that the parent of the child has. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is more proud: the child who receives the trophy or the parent of the child who receives the trophy. Cherish the moment.

Achievement Awards for 2012 Movies

When you start discussing achievement awards and trophies, movies instantly come to achievement awardmind. It is always a big deal at the end of any year when the top numbers list of that year hits the scene. Mandy talks about top achievements in her article for, “The First Annual Reelzie Awards: A Distinguished Achievement in Special Excellence.”  There were many, many good to great movies in 2012, but only a few that stand out enough to be mentioned in my humble opinion.

“Finding Nemo in 3D” and “Monsters INC. in 3D” are two of those movies. You would think that just remaking an already existing movie into something that jumps out at the crowd would be lame. Only this time it wasn’t, these were amazing films that the whole family enjoyed.

“The Dark Knight Rises,” while tragic was still an amazing movie that did every actor that played in it justice.

“Frankenweenie” was also a fun family adventure that will be watched over and over again by kids, and some adults, everywhere.

Of course, the Twilight series conclusion of “Breaking Dawn,” will be the biggest hit of the year as the ones before it have been.

The first ever Reelzie awards show is giving achievement awards for special excellence to “Pitch Perfect.” In Reelzie’s opinion the movie, and the song, were the clear winners for 2012. Mandy reports for on the awards and the event as well. Read her article and see if you agree with the choices that were made.

Man Receives Legion of Merit Award

Master Sgt. Darrell Hanning of Houlton, Maine, was awarded the prestigious Legion of Merit award earlier last week by Col. Hamilton D. Richards, commander of the 120th Regional Support Group Bangor. Hanning retired from the Army National Guard this past November after 21 years of dedicated service to the U.S. Army. The Legion of Merit is one of the most coveted award medals in the U.S. It was established by an act of Congress in 1942 and it is presented to members of the armed forces for exceptional meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service and achievement.

Hanning joined the U.S. Army on October 8th, 1990. He completed his basic training and advanced individual training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. His first duty assignment was in Wildfleken, Germany. Over the last two decades he has worked in a variety of different sectors. He spent the last four years spearheading logistics, deploying and redeploying soldiers and their equipment in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

The Legion of Merit is one of only two United States military neck decoration award medals, the other being the Medal of Honor. It is the sixth in the order of importance of U.S. millitary awards. Hanning lives in Houlton, Maine with his wife and children.

Build a Trophy Case

Finding a good trophy case can be a difficult task and even after you find one, they are far from affordable. With a few simple tools, you can build a trophy case and save a lot of money. Your very own professional looking trophy and award case. You’ll also get to design the case to fit in with the rest of your furniture and accessories. Read Tyson Simmons instructions for more information. My guess is that after you get started, you will soon understand why commercially available trophy cases are so expensive!

Another alternative is to watch thrift stores for commercial retail display cabinets that can be used to display trophies. Or check the Habitat Re-Store occasionally, they may have a trophy case someone didn’t need anymore or again, they may have an unneeded retail cabinet that would make a good trophy case.

If you don’t feel so ambitious or crafty, you can re-purpose any shelf in the house. Every parent is super proud when their little ones score awards and trophies, and most want to display them to everyone in the world. What is the best way to do that though?  It’s important to not only make sure others see your child’s trophies but that they can see them every day in order to motivate them to strive for more. Janece Bass reports for eHow on the best way to display these awards.

Behind the Trophies

Schools, camps, and organizations award children whenever they accomplish something worth celebrating. These include anything from getting straight A’s at school, winning in football, emerging a champion in a spelling bee, or graduating as a valedictorian. Rewarding the students can be in the form of a trophy, a plaque, a medal, a certificate, or probably all of these. There is pride behind the trophies and awards: Children feel good when their families, friends, and teachers are proud of them. They become proud of themselves, too, and gain confidence – an attribute that is very important in real life.

Speaking of real life – children may not notice this (at least at first) but these awards are more than concrete proof that they have done good in school, or in sports, or somewhere else. Many kids strive to be their best in the things that they do so that they can receive the recognition. In the long run, this motivation leads to greater things. The children learn more important things like discipline, teamwork, perseverance, self-confidence, hard work, and many other values which are essential even when they grow up into adults.

In some cases, specific lessons are also at the backseat when immersing kids into an activity and giving them motivation to finish the task. A good example of this is the small garden project of a few students – a project which not only gave them a big trophy, but also taught them the skill of gardening and growing crops, as well as the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle. As the kids learned more about cooking their own food, they have been exposed to the fun that is associated with healthy eating. Read more about this life lesson from Chris Gee’s report.

QuickTrophy Mission

As a team, we have been reviewing and revamping our QuickTrophy mission. And in the process, we have discovered a few things about ourselves that we knew, but apparently never realized. We always identified QuickTrophy as the fastest trophy company on the planet. And most likely we are, but what happens if someday someone makes trophies as fast as we do, or even faster? Would we lose our reason for being? So we decided that the “Fastest Trophy Company in the World” tag line should be replaced by something more personal. Of course, we would still strive to be the fastest, and that feature would serve our customers very well, too. But what else do we do? What do we do that will positively impact not only our customers, the people who buy our trophies and awards, but also impact the people who eventually receive the awards? And how can we positively impact the people here, who make the trophies, awards, plaques and medals? The answer finally came at our last staff meeting: “We build pride into all our products”.

This mission or strategic direction affects how we perceive the work we do. Knowing that the trophies we build will help the person who presents them to the children feel proud of the positive influence they have had on a persons life. The person who receives the trophy or award or plaque will feel proud too, of their accomplishment.

“We Build Pride into all Our Products” is just the beginning of our QuickTrophy mission statement, but it is the part that we all remember and the part that most influences us in our day to day work at QuickTrophy.