Plaque Engraving Layout

Customers will often call us and ask for help in either plaque engraving layout or what text to use when engraving plaques. To help with the plaque engraving layout, QuickTrophy has several samples available on their website. When you get to the page that asks for plaque engraving instructions, there is a link labeled “Want some plaque ideas?”. When you click on this link, it shows several plaques with different engraving designs and layouts. If you select one of the sample plaques, the web site automatically fills in the engraving template to match the example selected. Simply change the text you want to appear on your plaque and the process is complete! For instance, change the name in the example to the name you want, change the dates and events in the same way and the formatting will stay the same. If you want to delete a line, select it and hit the space bar to replace the text with an invisible space. It’s easy to look like a professional!Plaque Engraving Layout

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Season is here! And it seems like there are more and more fantasy football leagues every year. So at QuickTrophy we have been receiving more orders for fantasy football perpetual trophies to commemorate the league winners than wUltimate Fantasy Football Trophye ever have. So we got together all the trophy magicians here at QuickTrophy to design some new fantasy football trophies and we came up with some very nice new ideas.

The ultimate fantasy football trophy, though, is a stunning trophy that features a shiny, metallic gold resin football resting atop a 2 tier polished rosewood base. It is truly a thing of beauty. There is still room for the league plaque plate on the top tier and room for 32 individual winner plates on the bottom tier: Each side will hold 8 individual plates. So the trophy will still be in use until the 2040’s!

And the trophy is massive! The rosewood base pieces are solid wood and the total weight of the entire award is nearly 15 pounds. This ultimate fantasy football trophy will be coveted by every team player!

Cheerleading Season

Cheerleading at sports events started on college campuses in the 1880’s. These early cheerleaders were people who were part of the audience and worked to get everyone cheering together. It was not until 1898 that University of Minnesota student Johnny Campbell stood in front of the audience and directed their cheers. This made him the first modern cheerleader and thus began modern organized cheerleading.cheerleading season trophy

Today nearly every high school in America has a structured program for cheerleading seaspm to lead the cheers of the crowds at football, basketball and other major school sporting events. Compared to the early cheerleaders, modern cheerleading has become more of an athletic feat – and a competitive event as well.

And with any competitive athletic event, there are always awards and trophies that go to the winners and the participants. QuickTrophy makes lots of different cheerleading trophies and awards to recognize the winning teams and to commemorate the cheerleading season.

Football Trophies

Ffootball trophiesall is in the air, school is back in session, and Friday Night Football is back on the schedule! And so is Thursday Night Football, College Football, and Professional Football. And Flag Football, pick up teams, co-ed leagues, and weekend get together football games. It seems like at this time of year, football is as much a part of our lives as raking leaves. To commemorate the big game or the end of the football season, what could be more appropriate than football trophies?

At QuickTrophy, we have all kinds of football trophies and awards to commemorate the important football events in your life. A great football trophy to present to the aspiring football player is the QuickTrophy Football Cup Trophy with a gold football runner figurine atop a gold cup that is mounted on a column and a slant front marble base. It looks really sweet and is a pretty hefty award. This trophy will be appreciated for years and the memories will last a lifetime.

New Motorcycle Trophies

We recently added a full line of motorcycle trophies and awards to the QuickTrophy web site. All trophies feature a 4″ golden figurine of a classic Softail Motorcycle. The idea of adding a line of motorcycle trophies came from a customer who called this past summer and needed some trophies for their annual antique motorcycle show.

The fleet of trophies ranges from small to large, depending on your needs. The entry level award is a 5″ trophy with the motorcycle on a slant front marble base. This would be perfect for commemorating an event like a reunion or fund raiser. At the other end of the spectrum is the Perpetual Motorcycle Trophies which features a double wood base and room for 32 individual plates. This trophy would be perfect for an annual event where an individual is recognized – like an antique motorcycle show.

Motorcycle Trophies

Marquette Marathon Medals

For the 2nd year in a row, QuickTrophy has worked with the organizers of the Marquette Marathon to help produce the Marquette Marathon medals. Last year we created the medals in-house by sublimating their race logo onto 2″ discs and adhering them to bright gold medallions and attaching blue ribbons for the marathon finishers and gold ribbons for the half marathon finishers.

This year we worked with a foundry to create die cast medals. They are thicker, heavier, and present a strong contrast with last year’s medals. Overall, they turned out very, very nice. If you have questions about our sports medals for sale, please call customer service at QuickTrophy, and we will gladly help you.

The Marquette Marathon follows a bike trail around town and back through the downtown area and along the lake shore before looping around Presque Isle for the final 2 miles. It is a relatively flat, fast course with awesome scenery (3 light houses) and to top it off, it is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

marquette marathon medals

Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophies

As the weather starts to cool and school resumes, can football season be far away? And with the football season comes the increasingly popular fantasy football season. And to commemorate the winners of the fantasy football leagues, what could be better than large, impressive fantasy football trophies? QuickTrophy has several sizes and styles of trophies for fantasy leagues. Our most popular is a multi-level trophy with a plate on the top level for the name of your fantasy football league and spaces on the bottom level for up to 32 plates. Each plate can list the name and year of the winner. Imagine using the same trophy for 32 seasons – from now until the 2040’s!

If 32 seasons out it too far for you to imagine, QuickTrophy also has smaller fantasy football trophies that will list the winners for 9 seasons. Called the Champion Trophy, it looks like the trophy in the photo without the larger base. The plate on the front is gold and there is room for 3 smaller, annual plates on each of the 3 remaining sides. It has a lower price point, too.

QuickTrophy has several other fantasy football trophies to choose from. There is a model that echoes the Lombardi Trophy with a silver colored football on a silver pedestal mounted on a double black base. If you want high end, we have a glass football on a black crystal glass base or a golden resin football on a glossy rosewood double base – very classy, indeed. And keep checking back, we introduce new models of fantasy football trophies each year.

As the sport increases in popularity, the requests for fantasy football trophies keep increasing as well. No matter which trophy you choose, your fantasy football trophy will inspire everyone in your league and bring pride to the lucky winners season after season.

The World of Trophies

What is the world of trophies? Where to start? There is a whole world to write about when it comes to trophies. Trophy¬†design, trophy manufacturing. New trophies and old trophies. The people to order the world of trophiestrophies and the people who receive them. The look on children’s faces when they win the season trophy. The world of trophies throughout history, trophies in the media, and trophy icons we all recognize.

And then there is QuickTrophy and the people who work here, the day to day events, the challenges of building a company, and Marquette, the lovely place we live, huddled along the shore of Lake Superior in Upper Michigan.

I guess the thing to do is just start and see where it goes.