Who wants a Personalized Beer Growler?

By Terrence Dehring

Micro breweries are popping up all over the place as people are discovering that real beer tastes way better than the lite beer we’ve been sold for so many years. The waPersonal Brewing Company Growlery Ben and Jerry returned to the roots of real ice cream, and Starbuck’s showed us the way to real coffee, home brewers and micro breweries are helping us to rediscover the taste of real beer. And when you visit your favorite micro-brewery and find that special IPA or Porter brew that you want to bring home and share with your family and friends, you’ll need a “to-go” container – your own 64 ounce personalized beer growler. That’s right – a half gallon of your favorite beer to take home and enjoy. I’ve seen some special and unique growlers over the years, from clear glass to colored glass to growlers with special handles and ceramic tops to stainless steel vacuum growlers. But the most special growler of all, is one that is totally unique and personalized to fit you or someone on your gift list: A personalized beer growler.

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The Value of a Birthday Cake

By Terrence Dehring

What is a Birthday Cake for? Why celebrate the day someone was born? When you stop to think about it, celebrating a birthday is a strange ritual. Everyone loves to celebrate birthdays and everyone loves to have a birthday no matter what your age. You feel special on your birthday, like a celebrity. It is “your” day. And everyone you know and meet acknowledges you on your special day with a “Happy Birthday!” wish. We all enjoy birthdays and joyfully participate in them. We buy personalized gifts, have a party, go out to dinner, give a birthday card, sing the birthday song, and have a cake to celebrate the fact that they are a year older. It seems like birthdays are a happy holiday.Birthday Cake

When you stop to think about it, doesn’t it seem strange that we celebrate the day someone was born? Why make a big deal about the fact that someone is a year older? Maybe it dates back to times of higher youth mortality rates when it was a big deal just to survive – making it another year was an event worth celebrating. Maybe celebrating birthdays stem from our need to have special days throughout the year. Holidays, whether religious or civil, punctuate the year with special days, events to remember, time to share with family and friends. No matter the reason, celebrations are always welcome.

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The Stormy Kromer Legend

Bob Jacquart of Jacquart Fabric Products in Ironwood, Michigan gave a presentation in Marquette recently. He recounted the history of the company he grew from a family sewing shop to an producer of clothing products distributed worldwide. The product that catapulted the company to stardom was a little hat known as the Stormy Kromer.stormy kromer Originally used by rail employees in the extreme upper mid-west, it has been revived and found popularity among the young outdoor enthusiasts of the world – much like Patagonia or the North Face. Production of the Stormy Kromer line of products has nearly doubled the size of the company and given the company a name with strong brand recognition. Jacquart Fabric Products is now a major employer in a geographic area that has experienced chronic high unemployment for decades – similar to QuickTrophy.

Once the mark of a manly woodsman or hunter, the Stormy Kromer is now an icon for people who love and live in the great outdoors. A well made, truly American product!

Engraved Coffee Mug

Engraved Coffee MugSome products can make people smile and feel proud just by looking at them. Trophies and awards are like that. But some other products that are awards when presented are also useful on their own, so they serve a dual purpose. One of those products is an engraved coffee mug. QuickTrophy offers coffee mugs that can be engraved with an event, an award title, or a person’s name. Presented as employee of the month gifts, an award for finishing a triathlon or biathlon or marathon or other athletic event, or given to a loved one for a special occasion, these mugs will be used daily for years. And each time they are used, the memory of receiving it will be revived and reinforced – and the smile magically appears. They truly are an example of a gift that keeps on giving.

Our engraved coffee mug has a strong brilliant exterior in blue, black, red, or green with a bright white interior. The engraving on the mug also is in white. We also have an engraved coffee mug that is silver on the exterior, black inside and the engraving is black. They all look very sharp!

Dual Purpose Awards

A customer came in recently looking for ideas for Dual Purpose Awards – Something that could be presented as a trophy or award, but that had a practical use as well. Something like a belt buckle, a drinking glass, or some other custom gifts. He noted that his personal trophy case was full of trophies and medals and he wanted something to present to the contestants they could use beyond the event. Recognition for successfully completing a challenging event, even something as intense as a marathon or an ultra-dual purpose awardsmarathon, was great and well deserved, but he thought presenting an award that could be used day to day like a coffee mug, would be appreciated as well.

QuickTrophy offers several such items, such as the ever popular flasks. But with this practical suggestion by a customer, we plan to add more dual purpose awards to our trophy and awards selection.