Recycling Old Trophies

At QuickTrophy we get calls from customers on a regular basis regarding reusing or recycling old trophies that have accumulated over the years. After the events are long past and the commemorating trophies have accumulated dust, they sometimes shift from being a source of pride to a burden of “stuff”. What can be done with something that once Old Pickup Championship Trophyheld a special place in someone’s heart? It is difficult to just toss them, they deserve a better fate. Can’t they be reused and given to someone who will cherish them as much as the original recipient?

But when people buy trophies from us, they want them all shiny and new, and matching each other. Parts and trophy designs change over time, so the styles of columns and figurines used in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are different than those used today. And finding matching pieces from decades past is difficult, if not nearly impossible.

So what is the solution? Would people be open to receiving a “vintage” trophy? We could clean them up and put new engraving on them. They could be marketed as “Recycled Trophies” or “Vintage Trophies” or even “Legacy Trophies”. What do you think?

The Cost of Shipping

We often have customers comment on the cost of shipping – how expensive it is to ship them a trophy, award, or name tag. We do what we can to keep the cost down as much as possible, by offering First Class Mail shipping if the item ordered is light enough. But when we ship items by UPS or FedEx Ground, it costs $8 to $12 dollars just to ship an empty box, depending on your location. So a $5 trophy can easily cost twice as much to ship! With larger orders, such as 12 soccer trophies for the team, the cost to ship them is a much lower percentage of their value – it will typically cost $15 to $20 to ship 12 trophies. And with orders over $100, we will pick up the cost for Ground shipping.

We don’t control how much the shipping companies charge, but we do what we can to make the cost of shipping as low as possible. To see an estimate of what the shipping charges will be before you place your order, we have a Shipping Estimator built into our web site. It is not 100% accurate, but it will give you a ball park estimate.

Different Types of Sports Awards

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports.

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports. In all levels – from the most professional leagues to the amateur and junior players – there are many ways to recognize excellence in performance and contribution. Here are some of the awards and trophies in the sports world:

Most Valuable Player

This is probably the most prestigious and sought after award in sports. The MVP award is given to players who show a good balance of team leadership, scoring and statistical prowess, and being a good character in general to uphold the whole league’s persona. This means that more often than not, being MVP isn’t just about scoring the most points – that is just one facet of the story.

Rookie of the Year

This award is given in different leagues, such as the NBA and the MLB. It is an annual title given to the top athlete of the said league after having played their first season. This award has been considered as a good “omen” in sports. For instance, the basketball icon, Michael Jordan, was rookie of the year and then went on to win multiple MVP awards – and the rest is history. This isn’t a sure fire hit, though, especially in the MLB. Major League Baseball rookie of the year awardees are known to either be mediocre players or be out of the sport altogether.

Coach of the Year

We all know that the awards and trophies that a sports team is given relies not just on the athleticism of its players. A big part of the win depends on the coaching staff who strategize and advise the players behind the scenes. Every league should give an annual coach of the year award to managers and/or head coaches. The award is based on performance that exceeds expectation, the creation of success from young and/or rookie players, or perhaps being able to overcome a great deal of stress and adversity.

Kids’ Sports Trophies and Awards

Children are often encouraged to play sports to learn many lessons – courage, confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, as well as the physical athleticism that comes with the games. As with any big league, minor and kids’ leagues also bestow awards and trophies to deserving players.

  • Certificates – These are given after each game, instead of waiting for the end of the season. This way, players who did good at a particular day of playing receive the recognition that they deserve. Usual points for this award are outstanding defensive and offensive players or leadership awards. This is a great way for schools to make sure that more than just a few kids get their shot at being recognized.
  • Athletic Awards – These awards will highlight the athletic abilities of the players at the end of the season. Base the awards on defensive and offensive plays, as well as an MVP award. Schools can also go specific with these awards. For instance, in basketball, the awards can include best shooter, best dribbler, highest jumper, fastest player, etc. It is also a good idea to give an award for the player who has improved most athletically since the beginning of the season to encourage kids to practice and improve their skills all throughout the year.
  • Attitude Awards – Aside from the athletic side of the sport, it is good to recognize the players who have showcased an outstanding good and healthy attitude during the game. Titles that come to mind include best sportsmanship, best attitude, and best leadership, among others. The team with the most “spirit” also deserves praise. At an early age, these awards can give kids the confidence boost that they need.
  • Comic Titles – For fun, schools and leagues can also hand out “funny awards” that can give both players and parents a good laugh as the season ends. It is important to consider the age of the kids, so that they’ll be able to understand the humor behind the awards. Examples would be the biggest oops, the season’s biggest fall, and a couple of “most likely to…” awards. It is a good idea to gather round the players and coaches themselves to vote for the winners of these awards, since they know each other better than anyone. This would be a lot of fun, especially when they award the Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Practice award! More ideas will surely come out mid-season as the antics show themselves during the games.

Wording Ideas for Lifetime Achievement Awards

Whether you are presenting achievement awards for sports or for good works, what you put on the certificate is important both to you and the person receiving it. After reading Ed Bouchettes article for entitled “Hines Ward Honored with Dapper Dan Lifetime Achievement Award,” I started thinking about what exactly should go on the award. What words should be used?

achievement awardA lifetime achievement award is usually given to someone who has dedicated their life to a worthy cause or given to the community in a major way. Because of the importance of the award, the names of very influential people in the community should be on the certificate. You need to write a clear statement letting it be known just what the person did to receive the award. Lifetime achievement awards are a big honor to receive and are only given to the best of the best.

Including phrases such as “awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment,” is important to let the recipient know that their outstanding contributions are being awarded and noted.

No matter what you put on the award that you are presenting, make sure that the person receiving it knows just how special they are and that the rest of the world knows as well.

QuickTrophy and Picasso

QuickTrophy and PicassoIn Paris, on the corner of Rue Bonaparte and Rue de l’Abbaye, next to the church of St. Germaine des Pres, there is a little park with benches and pieces of the church dating back to the middle ages. Along with the old artifacts, there is a piece of modern sculpture by Pablo Picasso. A real honest to goodness Picasso! It is “Homage to Apollinaire” – a tribute to his friend, the poet Guillaume Apolllinaire.

QuickTrophy was there for a visit this past summer to take in the sites, eat some of the best chocolate in the world and walk around in this city of style and culture where you can find a Picasso sculpture just tucked into a little out of the way park. I couldn’t resist a picture with QuickTrophy and Picasso.

World Record Tallest Trophy

In April of 2011, QuickTrophy built the world record tallest trophy. The trophy stands at 22 feet, 6 1/2 inches tall! It was recognized by Guinness World Records in March of 2012 and it is currently housed at the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern MWorld Record Tallest Trophyichigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

The man standing next to the trophy is Chuck Bavis, a sales representative for JDS Industries. What makes this picture interesting is that Chuck is a 7 foot, former basketball player! As you can see in the picture, he would need to duck to get through the door next to him! This gives you some idea of how large the trophy is.

If you are ever in Marquette, Michigan, it is worth a stop to see! Stop in at “The Dome” and see the World Record Tallest Trophy.

QuickTrophy Mission Statement

For months we have worked on a QuickTrophy mission statement that truly reflects why QuickTrophy exist as a company – why we come into work each day – what we hope to accomplish as a team. Finally, we have something we want to share:

QuickTrophy Mission Statement

We Build Pride. We are the fastest provider of awards and recognition products in the U.S. We strive to make all our customers feel like we know them personally and appreciate them with our superlative customer service and easy to use web sites. We custom build each order, working quickly, accurately, and as a team. We constantly introduce new products to satisfy our customer’s needs and to keep our product selection unique.

QuickTrophy Mission Statement

QuickTrophy Zamboni

Anyone who has ever been to a hockey game has probably seen a Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine – usually referred to as just a Zamboni. Over 10,000 of these units have been sold world wide to help keep the surface of ice skating and hockey rinks smooth. Invented by Frank Zamboni in Los Angeles in 1949, these awesome units have been built and sold by the Zamboni Company ever since.

And if you can’t own a Zamboni, maybe at least you can sponsor one. QuickTrophy has teamed up with Northern Lights Arena in Alpena, Michigan to sponsor one of their Zamboni Ice Resurfacing machines: The QuickTrophy Zamboni. How cool is that?

QuickTrophy Zamboni

QuickTrophy Mission

As a team, we have been reviewing and revamping our QuickTrophy mission. And in the process, we have discovered a few things about ourselves that we knew, but apparently never realized. We always identified QuickTrophy as the fastest trophy company on the planet. And most likely we are, but what happens if someday someone makes trophies as fast as we do, or even faster? Would we lose our reason for being? So we decided that the “Fastest Trophy Company in the World” tag line should be replaced by something more personal. Of course, we would still strive to be the fastest, and that feature would serve our customers very well, too. But what else do we do? What do we do that will positively impact not only our customers, the people who buy our trophies and awards, but also impact the people who eventually receive the awards? And how can we positively impact the people here, who make the trophies, awards, plaques and medals? The answer finally came at our last staff meeting: “We build pride into all our products”.

This mission or strategic direction affects how we perceive the work we do. Knowing that the trophies we build will help the person who presents them to the children feel proud of the positive influence they have had on a persons life. The person who receives the trophy or award or plaque will feel proud too, of their accomplishment.

“We Build Pride into all Our Products” is just the beginning of our QuickTrophy mission statement, but it is the part that we all remember and the part that most influences us in our day to day work at QuickTrophy.

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Season is here! And it seems like there are more and more fantasy football leagues every year. So at QuickTrophy we have been receiving more orders for fantasy football perpetual trophies to commemorate the league winners than wUltimate Fantasy Football Trophye ever have. So we got together all the trophy magicians here at QuickTrophy to design some new fantasy football trophies and we came up with some very nice new ideas.

The ultimate fantasy football trophy, though, is a stunning trophy that features a shiny, metallic gold resin football resting atop a 2 tier polished rosewood base. It is truly a thing of beauty. There is still room for the league plaque plate on the top tier and room for 32 individual winner plates on the bottom tier: Each side will hold 8 individual plates. So the trophy will still be in use until the 2040’s!

And the trophy is massive! The rosewood base pieces are solid wood and the total weight of the entire award is nearly 15 pounds. This ultimate fantasy football trophy will be coveted by every team player!