Different Types of Sports Awards

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports.

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports. In all levels – from the most professional leagues to the amateur and junior players – there are many ways to recognize excellence in performance and contribution. Here are some of the awards and trophies in the sports world:

Most Valuable Player

This is probably the most prestigious and sought after award in sports. The MVP award is given to players who show a good balance of team leadership, scoring and statistical prowess, and being a good character in general to uphold the whole league’s persona. This means that more often than not, being MVP isn’t just about scoring the most points – that is just one facet of the story.

Rookie of the Year

This award is given in different leagues, such as the NBA and the MLB. It is an annual title given to the top athlete of the said league after having played their first season. This award has been considered as a good “omen” in sports. For instance, the basketball icon, Michael Jordan, was rookie of the year and then went on to win multiple MVP awards – and the rest is history. This isn’t a sure fire hit, though, especially in the MLB. Major League Baseball rookie of the year awardees are known to either be mediocre players or be out of the sport altogether.

Coach of the Year

We all know that the awards and trophies that a sports team is given relies not just on the athleticism of its players. A big part of the win depends on the coaching staff who strategize and advise the players behind the scenes. Every league should give an annual coach of the year award to managers and/or head coaches. The award is based on performance that exceeds expectation, the creation of success from young and/or rookie players, or perhaps being able to overcome a great deal of stress and adversity.

Kids’ Sports Trophies and Awards

Children are often encouraged to play sports to learn many lessons – courage, confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, as well as the physical athleticism that comes with the games. As with any big league, minor and kids’ leagues also bestow awards and trophies to deserving players.

  • Certificates – These are given after each game, instead of waiting for the end of the season. This way, players who did good at a particular day of playing receive the recognition that they deserve. Usual points for this award are outstanding defensive and offensive players or leadership awards. This is a great way for schools to make sure that more than just a few kids get their shot at being recognized.
  • Athletic Awards – These awards will highlight the athletic abilities of the players at the end of the season. Base the awards on defensive and offensive plays, as well as an MVP award. Schools can also go specific with these awards. For instance, in basketball, the awards can include best shooter, best dribbler, highest jumper, fastest player, etc. It is also a good idea to give an award for the player who has improved most athletically since the beginning of the season to encourage kids to practice and improve their skills all throughout the year.
  • Attitude Awards – Aside from the athletic side of the sport, it is good to recognize the players who have showcased an outstanding good and healthy attitude during the game. Titles that come to mind include best sportsmanship, best attitude, and best leadership, among others. The team with the most “spirit” also deserves praise. At an early age, these awards can give kids the confidence boost that they need.
  • Comic Titles – For fun, schools and leagues can also hand out “funny awards” that can give both players and parents a good laugh as the season ends. It is important to consider the age of the kids, so that they’ll be able to understand the humor behind the awards. Examples would be the biggest oops, the season’s biggest fall, and a couple of “most likely to…” awards. It is a good idea to gather round the players and coaches themselves to vote for the winners of these awards, since they know each other better than anyone. This would be a lot of fun, especially when they award the Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Practice award! More ideas will surely come out mid-season as the antics show themselves during the games.

Trophies and Motivation

How do trophies motivate us? Should we give trophies to our children, or are we only encouraging competition?

How do trophies motivate us? is there a link between trophies and motivation? Should we give trophies to our children, or are we only encouraging competition? The trophy debate has been around almost as long as trophies have themselves. Now awards and trophies are mainly associated with sports. But in the past, they were given to warriors and meant more than just ‘well done’.

Awards and Trophies: A Brief History

The history of trophies and awards can be traced back to ancient Greece, when warriors created their own trophies from captured standards and arms. If there was a naval victory, a ‘trophy’ could be an entire fleet of ships – or the remains of the ships – laid out across the beach. In fact, the word ‘trophy’ comes from the Latin word, ‘trophaeum’, which means ‘monument to victory.’ And the trophies of the past were no more than that – victory monuments. The ancient Romans built their own stone trophies, carving stone and placing their trophies on magnificent stone memorials. After their age passed, however, trophies began to be less about a victory in battle or a historical marker, and more about sports. In the Middle Ages, knights were given chalices or prizes for their victories in one of the many popular sporting events of the time. As the awards became more sophisticated, they also became very popular in sports such as horse racing and, as the years passed by, automobile racing. Now, trophies are used in almost every sport, and help encourage our players and give them something to strive for.

Competition and Motivation

Over the years, a debate has raged on about how trophies affect our sports players. True, they’re motivating, but what about the competition factor? On the one hand, you can’t have sports without competition. On the other hand, is a trophy encouraging an unhealthy amount of competition? Sports should be fun, even if you don’t get an award! While this may not be such a crucial debate in major league sports, it’s definitely a controversial one when it comes to the minor leagues. How much do we want our children to compete? People are worried that awards do more harm than good. Should we encourage or discourage trophies?

It’s hard to strike a balance, but when people go against trophies, they’re missing a crucial part of any sport. What would a game look like if there was no winner and no loser? If neither team or individual ever could win? First, the entire point of the game is gone. Games – from sports to strategy games – are meant to challenge us. When a trophy is introduced, it just raises the stakes, and we challenge ourselves more. Just like real life, there are winners and losers in sports. A trophy both rewards the winners and encourages the losers to try harder and to challenge themselves more.

Why Do We Give Trophies?

Do we give trophies to unite kids and motivate them or to divide kids and make them compete? The answer is both. Especially in team sports, kids work together for a common goal: to win. Believe it or not, it’s easier to make friends with someone you play against on the field than someone you have a passing acquaintance with in school. But a trophy also lets kids compete and then be rewarded if they do a good job. Trophies prepare children for the world that they’ll enter as soon as they grow older. They encourage dedication and commitment. The next time you see a sports team win – or lose – think about trophies and how they’re encouraging our kids.

Classic Car Show Tips

While the best part about owning a classic car is lovingly restoring it to its former glory, it is nice to show it off and win trophies for all of your hard work every now and then.car show trophy

Here are a few common sense classic car show tips. Removing all of the rust from a classic car is sure to help you with the judges. No judge, or any car lover for that matter, wants to see a classic that has spots rusted out on it. There are tips for removing all of the rust as well as how to do it.

Polishing and waxing is another way to make your baby shine. Wait until right before the show so that it’s sparkling when the judges see it. While a coat of wax alone won’t win the trophy, if your car doesn’t shine, it won’t get noticed as much.

One of the fun things about dealing in classic cars is getting to show them off once they are restored, and hopefully taking home awards and trophies for all of your hard work. In order to get those trophies however, your classic car needs to outshine all of the others. Dennis Hartman reports for eHow on some classic car tips that will have your car shining in no time at all.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/list_6321678_classic-car-show-tips.html

Following these classic car show tips will not only show that you take loving care of your classic car, but will help you to take home the awards and trophies that you have always wanted to.

Should I Display Trophies and Medals

I remember clearly when I was growing up, all of the award medals and trophies that we won being clearly displayed where the whole world could see them in the family room. There were none that were shoved into a closet or into the attic and “forgotten.” After reading Veronica Romualdez’s article for eHow entitled “Ways to Display Sports Medals,” I started really wondering about trophies and medals.

soccer trophyI mean I don’t remember seeing all of those trophies at my friends houses, although we were on some of the same teams growing up. Does that mean that my family was the only one who showcased every single trophy and accomplishment? I hope not because I do the same with my kids sports trophies, and my own from my childhood as a matter of fact.

Should I display trophies and medals for my kids? Or should I leave that to them? I think many people do at least for a little while. I mean what do they win them for? Not to be thrown into a box and shoved into a closet. I am proud of my kids sports accomplishments and will buy hundreds of shadow boxes to put them in and display if it comes to that. How about you? Do you hide your kids trophies or proudly put them on display for the world to see?

More often than not award medals and trophies get thrown in a closet, where they sit and collect dust until someone remembers them. If you don’t want that to happen to your sports medals and trophies, Veronica Romualdez has compiled a list of ways that you can have your trophies showcased for all to see.

Team Trophy versus Individual Trophy

What is worth more – a team trophy or an individual trophy? After reading Goal.com’s article, “Trophies More Exciting than Individual Prizes,” I started thinking about just what soccer fantasy trophythose individual awards and medals mean to the people, and the families of the people, who receive them. Do you feel a greater sense of accomplishment from winning a trophy with your team or from a trophy presented to you as an individual? I’m not sure that I can agree with this article although I do understand that it was from a personal point of view.

Yes, it comes with a huge sense of accomplishment to win that big shiny trophy as a team, but shouldn’t there be an even bigger sense of accomplishment in knowing that you stand out from the crowd as an individual, and won these awards and medals on your own? Apparently it depends on the individual and whether or not you are truly a team player. For Argentine soccer star, Lionel Messi, winning individual awards simply doesn’t bring him the same kind of satisfaction as does winning team trophies alongside his peers.

Either trophy will look great in a trophy case or in a frame on your wall at home. But if you are totally honest with yourself, which ones do you find yourself looking at most often, the trophy you share with your teammates or the award you can say that you won all on your own for being the best that you could be?

The importance of working as a team can never be overemphasized in a bid to win achievement awards. To cite an example, recently, Maestro, a company that specializes in designing business technology tools such as mobile apps, desktop and online applications,won two silver awards. The awards were for the Best Advance in Unique Sales and Marketing Technology and the Best Advance in Performance Support Technology categories from the 2012 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards.

A deeper understanding of the culture at Maestro shows that they work together as a team. Jen Randall, the President and Cofounder of Maestro, attributes their success to teamwork and says this made each of their projects possible.

We can all learn something from the culture at Maestro as we strive to attain individual and collective excellence in our field of endeavor. It makes no difference that you want to win achievement awards and medals in a professional capacity, whether it is do with your career, sports, or car shows or animal shows, just to name a few.

The main lesson here is that we need the assistance of others in order to attain excellence in our pursuits. Hence, coach and players need to work as teams, parents and their kids need to work as teams, and spouses need to work as teams, and even communities must work as teams in order to ensure that they achieve the type of success that is only attainable through teamwork.

Award, medals, trophies and anything that gives you a fine sense of accomplishment should be celebrated equally. All three of these signify a job well done. How can anyone choose which one makes them happier?

Trophies Build Pride

trophies build prideA customer purchasing trophies for an event at a YMCA recently wrote to us. She said “The children have a high quality product to be proud of and cherish for a life time.” Isn’t that what it’s all about? Seeing the smile on the faces of the children who receive the trophy is priceless. You can see it fills them with pride and builds their self confidence. You can almost hear them thinking “… if I can do this, then what else can I do?” Who knows what the seed of pride will sprout and grow into? It seems as though trophies build pride.

And just as precious is the feeling that the parent of the child has. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is more proud: the child who receives the trophy or the parent of the child who receives the trophy. Cherish the moment.

Achievement Awards for 2012 Movies

When you start discussing achievement awards and trophies, movies instantly come to achievement awardmind. It is always a big deal at the end of any year when the top numbers list of that year hits the scene. Mandy talks about top achievements in her article for Reelz.com, “The First Annual Reelzie Awards: A Distinguished Achievement in Special Excellence.”  There were many, many good to great movies in 2012, but only a few that stand out enough to be mentioned in my humble opinion.

“Finding Nemo in 3D” and “Monsters INC. in 3D” are two of those movies. You would think that just remaking an already existing movie into something that jumps out at the crowd would be lame. Only this time it wasn’t, these were amazing films that the whole family enjoyed.

“The Dark Knight Rises,” while tragic was still an amazing movie that did every actor that played in it justice.

“Frankenweenie” was also a fun family adventure that will be watched over and over again by kids, and some adults, everywhere.

Of course, the Twilight series conclusion of “Breaking Dawn,” will be the biggest hit of the year as the ones before it have been.

The first ever Reelzie awards show is giving achievement awards for special excellence to “Pitch Perfect.” In Reelzie’s opinion the movie, and the song, were the clear winners for 2012. Mandy reports for Reelz.com on the awards and the event as well. Read her article and see if you agree with the choices that were made.

Build a Trophy Case

Finding a good trophy case can be a difficult task and even after you find one, they are far from affordable. With a few simple tools, you can build a trophy case and save a lot of money. Your very own professional looking trophy and award case. You’ll also get to design the case to fit in with the rest of your furniture and accessories. Read Tyson Simmons instructions for more information. My guess is that after you get started, you will soon understand why commercially available trophy cases are so expensive!

Another alternative is to watch thrift stores for commercial retail display cabinets that can be used to display trophies. Or check the Habitat Re-Store occasionally, they may have a trophy case someone didn’t need anymore or again, they may have an unneeded retail cabinet that would make a good trophy case.

If you don’t feel so ambitious or crafty, you can re-purpose any shelf in the house. Every parent is super proud when their little ones score awards and trophies, and most want to display them to everyone in the world. What is the best way to do that though?  It’s important to not only make sure others see your child’s trophies but that they can see them every day in order to motivate them to strive for more. Janece Bass reports for eHow on the best way to display these awards.

World Record Tallest Trophy

In April of 2011, QuickTrophy built the world record tallest trophy. The trophy stands at 22 feet, 6 1/2 inches tall! It was recognized by Guinness World Records in March of 2012 and it is currently housed at the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern MWorld Record Tallest Trophyichigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

The man standing next to the trophy is Chuck Bavis, a sales representative for JDS Industries. What makes this picture interesting is that Chuck is a 7 foot, former basketball player! As you can see in the picture, he would need to duck to get through the door next to him! This gives you some idea of how large the trophy is.

If you are ever in Marquette, Michigan, it is worth a stop to see! Stop in at “The Dome” and see the World Record Tallest Trophy.

Behind the Trophies

Schools, camps, and organizations award children whenever they accomplish something worth celebrating. These include anything from getting straight A’s at school, winning in football, emerging a champion in a spelling bee, or graduating as a valedictorian. Rewarding the students can be in the form of a trophy, a plaque, a medal, a certificate, or probably all of these. There is pride behind the trophies and awards: Children feel good when their families, friends, and teachers are proud of them. They become proud of themselves, too, and gain confidence – an attribute that is very important in real life.

Speaking of real life – children may not notice this (at least at first) but these awards are more than concrete proof that they have done good in school, or in sports, or somewhere else. Many kids strive to be their best in the things that they do so that they can receive the recognition. In the long run, this motivation leads to greater things. The children learn more important things like discipline, teamwork, perseverance, self-confidence, hard work, and many other values which are essential even when they grow up into adults.

In some cases, specific lessons are also at the backseat when immersing kids into an activity and giving them motivation to finish the task. A good example of this is the small garden project of a few students – a project which not only gave them a big trophy, but also taught them the skill of gardening and growing crops, as well as the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle. As the kids learned more about cooking their own food, they have been exposed to the fun that is associated with healthy eating. Read more about this life lesson from Chris Gee’s report.