Classic Car Show Tips

While the best part about owning a classic car is lovingly restoring it to its former glory, it is nice to show it off and win trophies for all of your hard work every now and show trophy

Here are a few common sense classic car show tips. Removing all of the rust from a classic car is sure to help you with the judges. No judge, or any car lover for that matter, wants to see a classic that has spots rusted out on it. There are tips for removing all of the rust as well as how to do it.

Polishing and waxing is another way to make your baby shine. Wait until right before the show so that it’s sparkling when the judges see it. While a coat of wax alone won’t win the trophy, if your car doesn’t shine, it won’t get noticed as much.

One of the fun things about dealing in classic cars is getting to show them off once they are restored, and hopefully taking home awards and trophies for all of your hard work. In order to get those trophies however, your classic car needs to outshine all of the others. Dennis Hartman reports for eHow on some classic car tips that will have your car shining in no time at all.


Following these classic car show tips will not only show that you take loving care of your classic car, but will help you to take home the awards and trophies that you have always wanted to.

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