Different Types of Sports Awards

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports.

There are many kinds of awards and trophies that athletes – even kids – can be given by being good at sports. In all levels – from the most professional leagues to the amateur and junior players – there are many ways to recognize excellence in performance and contribution. Here are some of the awards and trophies in the sports world:

Most Valuable Player

This is probably the most prestigious and sought after award in sports. The MVP award is given to players who show a good balance of team leadership, scoring and statistical prowess, and being a good character in general to uphold the whole league’s persona. This means that more often than not, being MVP isn’t just about scoring the most points – that is just one facet of the story.

Rookie of the Year

This award is given in different leagues, such as the NBA and the MLB. It is an annual title given to the top athlete of the said league after having played their first season. This award has been considered as a good “omen” in sports. For instance, the basketball icon, Michael Jordan, was rookie of the year and then went on to win multiple MVP awards – and the rest is history. This isn’t a sure fire hit, though, especially in the MLB. Major League Baseball rookie of the year awardees are known to either be mediocre players or be out of the sport altogether.

Coach of the Year

We all know that the awards and trophies that a sports team is given relies not just on the athleticism of its players. A big part of the win depends on the coaching staff who strategize and advise the players behind the scenes. Every league should give an annual coach of the year award to managers and/or head coaches. The award is based on performance that exceeds expectation, the creation of success from young and/or rookie players, or perhaps being able to overcome a great deal of stress and adversity.

Kids’ Sports Trophies and Awards

Children are often encouraged to play sports to learn many lessons – courage, confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, as well as the physical athleticism that comes with the games. As with any big league, minor and kids’ leagues also bestow awards and trophies to deserving players.

  • Certificates – These are given after each game, instead of waiting for the end of the season. This way, players who did good at a particular day of playing receive the recognition that they deserve. Usual points for this award are outstanding defensive and offensive players or leadership awards. This is a great way for schools to make sure that more than just a few kids get their shot at being recognized.
  • Athletic Awards – These awards will highlight the athletic abilities of the players at the end of the season. Base the awards on defensive and offensive plays, as well as an MVP award. Schools can also go specific with these awards. For instance, in basketball, the awards can include best shooter, best dribbler, highest jumper, fastest player, etc. It is also a good idea to give an award for the player who has improved most athletically since the beginning of the season to encourage kids to practice and improve their skills all throughout the year.
  • Attitude Awards – Aside from the athletic side of the sport, it is good to recognize the players who have showcased an outstanding good and healthy attitude during the game. Titles that come to mind include best sportsmanship, best attitude, and best leadership, among others. The team with the most “spirit” also deserves praise. At an early age, these awards can give kids the confidence boost that they need.
  • Comic Titles – For fun, schools and leagues can also hand out “funny awards” that can give both players and parents a good laugh as the season ends. It is important to consider the age of the kids, so that they’ll be able to understand the humor behind the awards. Examples would be the biggest oops, the season’s biggest fall, and a couple of “most likely to…” awards. It is a good idea to gather round the players and coaches themselves to vote for the winners of these awards, since they know each other better than anyone. This would be a lot of fun, especially when they award the Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Practice award! More ideas will surely come out mid-season as the antics show themselves during the games.

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