Employee Appreciation Award Program

Nearly every business knows they need to reward positive behaviors in their employees.

Nearly every business knows they need to reward positive behaviors in their employees. But if you don’t have an employee appreciation program, how do you start one? One of the first steps, is to narrow down the behaviors that management wants to see rewarded. The second step is to determine which types of appreciation trophies and awards will be handed out and in what sort of time frame to do so. See more at entrepreneur.com.

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In this Forbes article by Kevin Kruse, you can learn a variety of ways to show appreciation to those employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only does this type of proactive behavior help your business out, these appreciation trophies and awards can also serve as a motivator for other employees as well.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2013/03/01/25-low-cost-ways-to-reward-employees/

appreciation awardIn this article, Susan M. Heathfield writes about achievement awards and trophies. Using them to acknowledge the efforts employees are making can do a great deal to encourage loyalty and goodwill. As she points out in her article, these awards don’t have to be elaborate or expensive either.

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The ‘No-Sugar Coach’ first tells you the difference between intrinsic motivation¬† and extrinsic motivation. Then, he gives you lots of different ideas on things, such as stickers, days off, trophies and awards, and more, that you can use to show your appreciation for your employees.

Employers might wonder if appreciation trophies and awards are really worth the time, effort and expense to hand out to employees. In this article on the Vanadium Mining website, a worthy case is made in favor of not only starting up some type of program recognizing employees but making sure that it doesn’t fizzle out after just a few months.

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