Engraved Coffee Mug

Engraved Coffee MugSome products can make people smile and feel proud just by looking at them. Trophies and awards are like that. But some other products that are awards when presented are also useful on their own, so they serve a dual purpose. One of those products is an engraved coffee mug. QuickTrophy offers coffee mugs that can be engraved with an event, an award title, or a person’s name. Presented as employee of the month gifts, an award for finishing a triathlon or biathlon or marathon or other athletic event, or given to a loved one for a special occasion, these mugs will be used daily for years. And each time they are used, the memory of receiving it will be revived and reinforced – and the smile magically appears. They truly are an example of a gift that keeps on giving.

Our engraved coffee mug has a strong brilliant exterior in blue, black, red, or green with a bright white interior. The engraving on the mug also is in white. We also have an engraved coffee mug that is silver on the exterior, black inside and the engraving is black. They all look very sharp!

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