Environmental Packing Peanuts

Living in an area like Marquette, Michigan, with Lake Superior across the street and the woods and hills of the wild UP just a few miles away, we at QuickTrophy are all very conscious of the environment and our impact on it. This concern for the environment extends to the way we pack and ship our trophies.

Whenever possible, we reuse packing materials to decrease the amount environmental impact of our operations. To provide added protection to our trophies and reduce the amount of packing peanuts, we wad up newsprint to stuff around the edges of the box. Then we fill the center of the box with packing peanuts. Recently, we switched from green packing peanuts made from recycled plastic to environmental packing peanuts made from cornstarch. These cornstarch based peanuts will dissolve in water – how cool is that! They cost more than the packing peanuts made from recycled plastic, but when the QuickTrophy team discussed the options, we decided that the extra cost was worth it.

When the weather is nice we open the windows and doors to let the fresh lake air flow through. Because of this, I’ve always been concerned that loose peanuts could find their way outdoors. And if they did, the wind could easily blow them across the street and into Lake Superior. But now, with dissolving packing peanuts, it won’t matter if they escape or not.