Flowers or Trophies?

We often give people flowers when they are ill. Why? Is it because flowers represent life, spring, or new growth? But sometimes I wonder: What would be more appropriate – Flowers or trophies?

People who are injured or ill, or end up in the hospital for some reason are ofteflowers or trophiesn faced with a tough personal struggle. The healing and recovery process often requires a lot of personal sacrifice, changes in lifestyle, and hard rehab work. In many ways it is similar to an athlete preparing for an endurance challenge. When the athlete completes his or her event, we reward them with a trophy or award to commemorate the event and as a reminder that all the hard work paid off. But when someone goes through the same endurance challenge battling an illness or injury – in many cases a life threatening ordeal – we treat them with a bouquet of flowers. A nice gesture, but fleeting at best. I propose we develop a line of awareness trophies for those who have successfully won the battle of health. To let them know we recognize the struggle they have endured and to encourage them to continue in their endeavors.

In the any particular case, it will be up to you to decide which would be more appropriate – flowers or trophies?


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