Fresh Cookies!

Fresh CookiesA long standing tradition here at QuickTrophy is warm, fresh cookies baked for break time on Friday mornings. We have a convection oven in our break room so I bake them fresh every week. I do it as a way to say “Thank You” for working hard all week – to show I appreciate their hard work. It is a little gesture, but an important part of our culture here. A culture that values each other, shows respect for each, and consideration for each other. A culture that feels like a family.

I often think of when I would fly Midwest Express airlines and they would bring by fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. It was a great indulgent perk worth big bucks to me – but probably only cost them pennies per person. It had a huge ROI. Likewise, showing appreciation for the work someone does is always worth way more than the cost involved. Plus – everyone loves fresh cookies, be they chocolate chip or any other flavor.

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