Gone Fishing

What a week! We hope you’ve found the help and information you need to get started in this wonderful, relaxing hobby.

Fishing is one of the most established, well-loved hobbies a person can have. It’s proverbial:  someone who’s left the workday worries behind for peace, quiet, and contentment is still said to have “gone fishing”. Here is some help and information you need to get started in this wonderful, relaxing hobby. The online fishing community is huge and welcoming, with resources for anglers of any skill level. Whether you’re just learning to fish, or you’re from a long line of fisherfolk, there are  plenty of excellent resources online to help you get the most out of fishing.

If you’re just getting started, FLW has a comprehensive guide to the basics, from tying lines to selecting tackle. There are plenty of other “fishing 101”-style resources out there, too, like the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources YouTube Channel. There, you’ll find advice on fishing for common species, cleaning your catch, and how to enjoy fishing safely.

Once you’ve got the basics, why not take the family on the road to explore fishing opportunities around North America? It’s a great “excuse” for a vacation and can take you to communities and locations you’d never see, otherwise. Start with Outdoor Life’s list of the best hunting and fishing towns in the United States, or head straight to the top with the top ten trophy species in North America.

These days, it can be hard to make time for the kids. Parents are under a lot of pressure, with hectic schedules and career demands, so having the family follow you out to fish may seem like spoiling a precious opportunity for peace and quiet.

You’d be surprised, however. With the right attitude and a little preparation, it’s easy to turn fishing into a fun, relaxing outing for the whole family. TakeMeFishing, a project of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, has a great selection of tips and tricks for getting the little ones involved.

To commemorate that annual outing with the family, a fishing trophy is great! QuickTrophy offers many different sizes and styles of fishing trophies – from small, personal fishing trophies to large, perpetual trophies to help keep track of who caught the biggest fish each year.

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