Increase Your Positive Energy

Every workplace has an energy about it. It can be positive, helpful, happy, and upbeat. Or it can be negative, grey, life-sucking, and downright depressing. You notice the feeling when you walk in. Often it is subtle, but sometimes it is very noticeable. What is your workplace like? Would you like it to be more positive? if so, you can help make it that way – Here’s how:

The energy of a place is made up of the collective energy of everyone who is present there. You are a part of your workplace environment and so you have a direct impact on the energy there. If you are more positive and upbeat, you move the needle to the positive side! As more people are happier, the needle moves even more to the positive side. Soon you can create a positive feedback loop that feeds on itself. Try this simple test: Give 3 people honest, positive complements each day. Pick 3 different people each day. At first it might be hard to think of something to say, but it will get easier each time. After doing this for a week, see if you can notice a change in the way people react to you and to each other.

If you want to take this exercise a step further, get a little “positive vibration” awardpositive vibration award for someone who exemplifies a source of positive energy. Do this each week or so. It doesn’t have to be much, just some sort of public recognition for a person with positive energy. Other people will notice and want to be recognized for their positive energy as well. You will soon see that you can have a huge positive impact on the energy of those around you!

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