Keeping QuickTrophy Green

By Terrence Dehring

What does QuickTrophy do to be more ecologically minded and responsible? We recycle cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic. We reuse cardboard, use newsprint in packaging, use cornstarch packing peanuts.


It is just the way we do things here. We scrub the air going through our laser engravers with an HD triple stage air filter.

We use biodegradable packing materials – cardboard, paper, cornstarch peanuts, & shredded paper.

We recycle cardboard and paper products, plastics, and glass.

We reuse shipping cardboard in our shipping.

We’ve installed energy efficient lighting. The building we are located in was built back the 60’s.  Our manufacturing area was once a garage for trucks and heavy equipment. The lighting was not only poor, it was very inefficient. The light fixtures were 8 foot dual tube fluorescent units that made more noise than light. These beasts were taken down and replaced with high bay, energy efficient T1 light fixtures to give way more light at a fraction of the energy.

Recently we retrofitted some 1970’s vintage fluorescent lights with new LED tubes that are built to fit the old fixtures. What a clever idea! The fixtures are still used but the wiring bypasses the old ballast and powers the lights directly. And the energy the lights use is much less while the amount of light has increased dramatically.