Major Sports Awards and Trophies

In the world of sports, outstanding performances by teams and individual players are often rewarded with recognition, fame, awards, and trophies.

In the world of sports, some of the sports awards and trophies are more recognized than the teams and individual players who win them. Below are the biggest sports awards and trophies in professional hockey, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, golf, and other sports:

Stanley Cup

The winning team in each NHL season is presented with the Stanley Cup, a 35.25” tall and 34.5 pound trophy which was donated by Lord Stanley back in 1892. To this day, it remains the oldest major trophy that professional teams and athletes compete for in all of North America. The winning team’s players’ names are engraved on the trophy.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

The winning team in the World Cup (soccer) is presented with the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The Cup is given every four years and the trophy has been a tradition in sports that first started back in 1974, replacing the Jules Rimet Trophy (an award permanently given to Brazil after being the first ever country to win three times in the said competition back in 1970).

Vince Lombardi Trophy

The winning football team in the Super Bowl is presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This award was originally called the World Championship Game Trophy. It was renamed after Vince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers, when he died in 1970. The said coach won the first two Super Bowl titles for the Packers in 1967 and 1968.

Larry O’Brien Trophy

The winners of THE NBA playoffs are presented with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The trophy, which stands at about two feet tall and weighs almost 16 pounds, was originally called the NBA Championship Trophy in 1978 but renamed later in 1984 after Larry O’Brien, a former NBA Commissioner. Tiffany & Co. creates a new trophy each year for the NBA.

Commissioner’s Trophy

The emerging champions of the MLB’s World Series are awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. The first ever award was given back in 1967 (St. Louis Cardinals – Boston Red Sox championship games). There are 30 flags on the trophy, representative of every one of the league’s teams. The trophy is made from sterling silver, and is the only one of all four major sports league trophies in America that is not named after a person.

Other Major Trophies

  • Claret Jug – Awarded to the British Open (golf) winner
  • William Webb Ellis Trophy – Awarded to the Rugby Union World Cup winner
  • Heisman Trophy – Awarded to college football’s best player (annually)
  • James Naismith Trophy – Awarded to the college basketball’s best player

Wearable Trophies

Not all awards in sports are in the form of trophies. Some come in the likes of medals, certificates, and even jackets. Despite the form they come in, these are huge honors for different athletes in the world of sports.

  • Olympic Medals – Awarded to the winner of the Olympic games, once every four years. These medals became world-wide awards for world-wide competitions since 1896.
  • The Green Jacket – Winners of the PGA Masters tournament are awarded a green jacket since 1937. The previous year’s champion traditionally presents the next champion with this prestiged award.

There are different awards and trophies for all kinds of sports. Here, we highlighted those given to outstanding athletes in the NBA, NHL, MLB, Super Bowl, and the soccer FIFA World Cup, among other major awards in the Olympics, golf and collegiate level. College athletes who are recognized early on often make it to the big leagues later in their career. These are representations of the hard work and success achieved by athletes and teams, often a good source of motivation and encouragement during each season of playing.

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