Marquette Marathon Sponsor

Marquette MarathonQuickTrophy is proud to be a sponsor of the Marquette Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay Race to be run Saturday, August 31st, 2013. The race course starts at Presque Isle, follows the lake shore to the North Country Trail, then connects to the bike path around the town leading back to the lake shore down town. From there is heads south through Founder’s Landing then back along the lake shore bike path to Presque Isle, looping around the “island” to the starting site. It is a beautiful course and three lighthouses can be seen along the Lake Superior shoreline. A half-marathon is one loop, a full marathon is two loops. The course is mostly paved, relatively flat (with the exception of Presque Isle), and fast. Proceeds of the race are used to benefit the local high school programs.

Good luck to all the runners!

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