New Ideas for Old Trophies

On this Disney discussion board, someone put the question out there on what to do with their old trophies and awards.

What can you do with old trophies and awards? For many people, acquiring trophies and awards of all sorts is a rite of childhood. From school awards for perfect attendance and reaching reading goals to trophies marking play time in the pee wee soccer league or being noticed as the Most Improved Player, it isn’t unusual to reach adulthood and realize you’ve amassed quite the collection. What can be a bit challenging and stressful is deciding what to do with all those glittering decorative items.

To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Question

At the website, the focus is on helping people unclutter their lives. So it seems that this would be the perfect place to turn to if you want ideas on how to repurpose your old trophies or recycle those outdated school awards. And it is. However, it does this with a twist.

In this article, the first order of business is to decide which, if any, of your old trophies and awards you want to keep. By answering two simple questions, you can easily pare down your collection. If you want to display the item or if it inspires you, it’s a keeper. Otherwise, find another place for it to live.

Landfill Alternatives

Instead of tossing them all in the trash, however, this article has a couple of suggestions. You could call your local government recycling program or your local recycling center.  You can also call the business that made the trophy, award or medal and ask if they participate in a program that allows for recycling.

Josh Peterson, from The Learning Channel, outlines a few different places where you might be able to donate those old trophies and awards that have been piling up in your attic or basement. If you are the environmentally conscious sort, you won’t want to miss his informative¬†post that details how to keep these mementos out of your local landfill.


Are you looking for a truly unique way to recycle all those old sports trophies and awards? Kate Pruitt shows you how to do it on the DesignSponge website. In this DIY article, the figurines that make up the vast majority of sports trophies are used as a unique way to hang up jackets, coats and hats.


On this Disney discussion board, someone put the question out there on what to do with their old trophies and awards. The wide range of different, and unique, answers will likely spark an idea or two of your own so you can enjoy a more simplified existence and a more streamlined display.

There are many things that can be done with old trophies and awards besides sending them to the landfill. Just a little creative thought can find a home for them!

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