Our Seven Favorite Outdoor Sports

With Summer coming on strong, it’s time to get outside and shake the off the dust of Winter. There are dozens of amazing outdoor sports and activities to chose from; this week we’ve picked out our favorite outdoor sports – and their distinctive trophies – to spotlight for you.

Outdoor sport and competition is possibly the healthiest thing to encourage in your family and friends. Fresh air, sunlight, and exercise may not be a miracle cure, but an active lifestyle is the one of greatest determinations of health and longevity we know of.

So get outside, play hard, and live a good, long life!


We’ve given a lot of attention to fishing this week without touching on its competitive side. There are as many fishing tournaments and contests as there are fish in the sea; it’s not why we fish, but a little competitive spirit makes it that much more fun.

QuickTrophy offers a number of fishing trophies, plaques, and awards, with the some of the most popular competition fish as figureheads. You can get bass, marlin, trout, pike, and walleye trophies at competitive prices and with incredibly rapid delivery.


Ah, paintball. What could be better than gather your friends and colleagues together, heading off to a secluded area, and shooting each other?

Paintball enjoys increasing popularity as a competitive sport and team building exercise in almost every region of the country. Ever since the first game was held in 1981, the sport has grown rapidly. Only two years later, paintball was a nationally competitive sport. Paintball trophies and cash prizes are awarded at the league, regional, and national levels.

It’s a favorite around the QuickTrophy office, too. Maybe you’ll see us out there – but not if we see you first!


Traditionally, T-Ball is one of the first sporting leagues young baseball fans join. With altered rules for younger players, it’s a great introduction to the theory and practice of baseball. Players learn team play, exercise, discipline, and competitive spirit.

There’s a lot of debate as to when T-Ball began and who invented it. Versions of the game have been played since the mid-50s, with T-Ball really taking off in the late-70s and 80s. President Reagan hosted the first T-Ball game on the White House lawn, a tradition succeeding Presidents continue. It remains a mostly grassroots game, however, with league and regional competitions making up the bulk of tournament play. While most leagues are self-funded, volunteer affairs, recognizing the achievements and progress of young athletes with inexpensive, quality T-Ball trophies is fairly common. T-Ball is a game played to lay the fundamentals for bigger, tougher competitions, so rewarding and encouraging young athletes is a priority.


Golf is both a sport and a cultural institution. In some periods of American history, you were hard pressed to advance yourself in the business community without learning the game.

The popularity of national competition and a wave of public course openings in the 70s and 80s made golf a much more accessible and popular sport. Amateur competitive leagues sprang up all around the country, composed mostly of friends and colleagues in the local area. Not satisfied with bragging rights, many of these leagues organize regional competitions and recognize the local champs with plaques, golf trophies, or a designated parking spot at the course.


While cross country season remains around the corner, track training may often begins in early- to mid-Summer. Track and field sports are some of the oldest competitive events in the Western world, with roots in the footraces, vaulting contests, and throwing competitions of ancient Greece.

Staying motivated through the long winter can be a problem for younger track athletes. That’s why it’s a good idea to recognize their achievements in the past year with a customized track and field trophy.  Keeping the memory fresh through the Winter will encourage young athletes to jump back into it, come Summer.


From informal dirt tracks in 1970s California to a spot in the Summer Olympics, BMX racing is a sport that’s come a long way in a short time. The sport started in imitation of motocross racing, with commonly-available bicycles used in place of motorbikes.

While there are a number of regional and national league competitions, most BMX racers get into the sport through informal play or local competition. Setting up a local league, with its own rules and race schedule, is a great way to get young athletes into the sport. BMX trophies are awarded for distinction in a number of categories, from racing to trick riding.


Competition sailing is a sport with a global following and deep historical roots. Every culture with access to maritime technology has, at some point, spawned a group of racing fans.

Summer camps, when possible, offer sailing and canoe instruction to kids over a certain age. When we were young, the yearly sailboat race at Boy Scout Camp was something we seriously looked forward to. Each troop would pitch in a few dollars, purchase a sailing trophy, and customize it with the Troop number and Patrol name of that year’s winner.  Some of us still have a trophy or two from those years; while not of the quality and material available these days, they hold a lot of precious memories.

Get Out and Play

Cultivating a love of outdoor competitive sports is one of the best things your can do to improve the health, fitness, and longevity of your kids. There’s really nothing like getting out in the open air, and the physical, mental, and social benefits of competition sports lay strong foundations for future success.

We pooled QuickTrophy staff and came up with our seven favorite outdoor sports, all of which are easy to join and enjoy in almost any region of the country. Encourage your kids to get out and play hard by supporting their favorite outdoor sports and rewarding their accomplishments with custom award trophies. It’s one of the best investments your can make in their future… and it’s incredibly fun!

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