Engraved Coffee Mug

Engraved Coffee MugSome products can make people smile and feel proud just by looking at them. Trophies and awards are like that. But some other products that are awards when presented are also useful on their own, so they serve a dual purpose. One of those products is an engraved coffee mug. QuickTrophy offers coffee mugs that can be engraved with an event, an award title, or a person’s name. Presented as employee of the month gifts, an award for finishing a triathlon or biathlon or marathon or other athletic event, or given to a loved one for a special occasion, these mugs will be used daily for years. And each time they are used, the memory of receiving it will be revived and reinforced – and the smile magically appears. They truly are an example of a gift that keeps on giving.

Our engraved coffee mug has a strong brilliant exterior in blue, black, red, or green with a bright white interior. The engraving on the mug also is in white. We also have an engraved coffee mug that is silver on the exterior, black inside and the engraving is black. They all look very sharp!

Fantasy Football Season

The end of July and the beginning of August mark the start of Fantasy Football Season. Fantasy Football started in the 1960’s and was enjoyed a level of popularity through the 1990’s. But the popularity of fantasy football exploded over the past decade with the proliferation of on-line Fantasy Football Leagues. Now there are apps that help you keep track of how your fantasy “team” is doing and it seems like leagues are popping up every day!

At QuickTrophy we have developed an entire line of fantasy football trophies dedicated to fantasy footballfantasy football trophies and other fantasy sports as well. All of the fantasy trophies have a large engraved plate to hold the name of the fantasy league and space below to place an engraved plate to commemorate the winner of the fantasy league each year. The smaller fantasy trophies hold the winner’s tags for up to 9 seasons while the larger trophies will hold the winner’s tags for up to 32 seasons! With several sizes and styles available to fit every league’s budget, QuickTrophy has the trophy for your fantasy football league!

Increase Your Positive Energy

Every workplace has an energy about it. It can be positive, helpful, happy, and upbeat. Or it can be negative, grey, life-sucking, and downright depressing. You notice the feeling when you walk in. Often it is subtle, but sometimes it is very noticeable. What is your workplace like? Would you like it to be more positive? if so, you can help make it that way – Here’s how:

The energy of a place is made up of the collective energy of everyone who is present there. You are a part of your workplace environment and so you have a direct impact on the energy there. If you are more positive and upbeat, you move the needle to the positive side! As more people are happier, the needle moves even more to the positive side. Soon you can create a positive feedback loop that feeds on itself. Try this simple test: Give 3 people honest, positive complements each day. Pick 3 different people each day. At first it might be hard to think of something to say, but it will get easier each time. After doing this for a week, see if you can notice a change in the way people react to you and to each other.

If you want to take this exercise a step further, get a little “positive vibration” awardpositive vibration award for someone who exemplifies a source of positive energy. Do this each week or so. It doesn’t have to be much, just some sort of public recognition for a person with positive energy. Other people will notice and want to be recognized for their positive energy as well. You will soon see that you can have a huge positive impact on the energy of those around you!

Trophy Value versus Trophy Cost

Trophy valueWhen someone is presented with a trophy or award, it is usually to commemorate a special event or accomplishment, so there is an emotional link to the trophy. It becomes a symbol of the special event much like a wedding ring symbolizes a marriage. In and of itself, it has little trophy value, but as a symbol of a significant event or accomplishment, it has immense value. Trophies and awards are items where the cost or commercial value is extremely low in relation to the ultimate personal value. The value may diminish as the years go by, but it never goes away.

For this reason, when you are purchasing a trophy consider not only the actual cost of the trophy, but the trophy value – the value and worth it will bring to the person who receives it for years to come.

Garden Signs

Garden Marker Signsgarden signs are a new product line we have added at QuickTrophy this past year. Garden signs are used as formal markers in garden plots or arboretums. They are, for instance, used for recognition in community garden plots that are taken care of by volunteers.

We’ve had many requests for garden signs over the years and finally found a solution that works. They offer the customer a wide variety of choices in the size, shape and color of the sign. You can even change the font size and style to fit the “mood” of the garden plot.

For needs of a more permanent nature, we also offer some cast aluminum garden signs and park bench plaques with an engraved anodized plate. We offer these signs with a stake attachment for sticking into the ground, or with screws for attaching them to walls or park benches. Deep cast custom aluminum signs usually cost over $500 each, but these affordable signs are available at a fraction of the cost.

Dual Purpose Awards

A customer came in recently looking for ideas for Dual Purpose Awards – Something that could be presented as a trophy or award, but that had a practical use as well. Something like a belt buckle, a drinking glass, or some other custom gifts. He noted that his personal trophy case was full of trophies and medals and he wanted something to present to the contestants they could use beyond the event. Recognition for successfully completing a challenging event, even something as intense as a marathon or an ultra-dual purpose awardsmarathon, was great and well deserved, but he thought presenting an award that could be used day to day like a coffee mug, would be appreciated as well.

QuickTrophy offers several such items, such as the ever popular flasks. But with this practical suggestion by a customer, we plan to add more dual purpose awards to our trophy and awards selection.

Crystal Disc Golf Trophy

crystal disc golf trophyQuickTrophy has recently introduced what may be the most beautiful crystal award disc golf trophy ever. It is a piece of optic crystal 4″ high, 2″ wide and 1″ thick with a full color, digitally printed picture of a disc golf basket. The image is printed on the back of the crystal so you look through the glass to see the picture. This gives the award a great depth. Your personalized engraving is printed as part of the image. our digital printer uses a UV ink curing process that has an extremely high-definition, photo quality that is simply stunning.

Truly, this crystal disc golf trophy is more a piece of art deserving of a place on the home mantle!

Recycling Old Trophies

At QuickTrophy we get calls from customers on a regular basis regarding reusing or recycling old trophies that have accumulated over the years. After the events are long past and the commemorating trophies have accumulated dust, they sometimes shift from being a source of pride to a burden of “stuff”. What can be done with something that once Old Pickup Championship Trophyheld a special place in someone’s heart? It is difficult to just toss them, they deserve a better fate. Can’t they be reused and given to someone who will cherish them as much as the original recipient?

But when people buy trophies from us, they want them all shiny and new, and matching each other. Parts and trophy designs change over time, so the styles of columns and figurines used in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are different than those used today. And finding matching pieces from decades past is difficult, if not nearly impossible.

So what is the solution? Would people be open to receiving a “vintage” trophy? We could clean them up and put new engraving on them. They could be marketed as “Recycled Trophies” or “Vintage Trophies” or even “Legacy Trophies”. What do you think?

The Cost of Shipping

We often have customers comment on the cost of shipping – how expensive it is to ship them a trophy, award, or name tag. We do what we can to keep the cost down as much as possible, by offering First Class Mail shipping if the item ordered is light enough. But when we ship items by UPS or FedEx Ground, it costs $8 to $12 dollars just to ship an empty box, depending on your location. So a $5 trophy can easily cost twice as much to ship! With larger orders, such as 12 soccer trophies for the team, the cost to ship them is a much lower percentage of their value – it will typically cost $15 to $20 to ship 12 trophies. And with orders over $100, we will pick up the cost for Ground shipping.

We don’t control how much the shipping companies charge, but we do what we can to make the cost of shipping as low as possible. To see an estimate of what the shipping charges will be before you place your order, we have a Shipping Estimator built into our web site. It is not 100% accurate, but it will give you a ball park estimate.

Why Employee Recognition Awards?

Star AwardWhy do we hand out employee recognition awards? Are they a waste of money? Do we get any return on our investment?

Your employees work hard – but usually there are a few or one in particular that excel in their accomplishments. Maybe they pushed hard on a project to make sure it came in ahead of schedule, or they worked longer hours to make sure the system upgrade went smoothly, or maybe they helped to energize the team when things looked grim. Whatever the reason, when you publicly recognize an employee in front of their peers with custom corporate awards, the effect is amazing!┬áTheir pride generates a positive wave in the workplace and other employees are positively affected by it. They too, are encouraged to put forth the extra effort. The atmosphere is changed and charged up in a positive way resulting in a better work environment for all.

When you get right down to it, publicly recognizing your employees for a job well done and commemorating it with achievement awards – no matter how simple – results in a big payoff for the investment made. A waste of money? No way – in a big way!