Plaque Engraving Layout

Customers will often call us and ask for help in either plaque engraving layout or what text to use when engraving plaques. To help with the plaque engraving layout, QuickTrophy has several samples available on their website. When you get to the page that asks for plaque engraving instructions, there is a link labeled “Want some plaque ideas?”. When you click on this link, it shows several plaques with different engraving designs and layouts. If you select one of the sample plaques, the web site automatically fills in the engraving template to match the example selected. Simply change the text you want to appear on your plaque and the process is complete! For instance, change the name in the example to the name you want, change the dates and events in the same way and the formatting will stay the same. If you want to delete a line, select it and hit the space bar to replace the text with an invisible space. It’s easy to look like a professional!Plaque Engraving Layout

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