QuickTrophy and Picasso

QuickTrophy and PicassoIn Paris, on the corner of Rue Bonaparte and Rue de l’Abbaye, next to the church of St. Germaine des Pres, there is a little park with benches and pieces of the church dating back to the middle ages. Along with the old artifacts, there is a piece of modern sculpture by Pablo Picasso. A real honest to goodness Picasso! It is “Homage to Apollinaire” – a tribute to his friend, the poet Guillaume Apolllinaire.

QuickTrophy was there for a visit this past summer to take in the sites, eat some of the best chocolate in the world and walk around in this city of style and culture where you can find a Picasso sculpture just tucked into a little out of the way park. I couldn’t resist a picture with QuickTrophy and Picasso.

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