The Importance of Plaques

Plaques or commemorative plates are given to individuals or organizations to recognize something they have done or achieved. An example of the importance of plaques given to people are plaques of recognition which are most often seen given at a corporate event or movie star awards night. A government agency or organization may put a plaque on a building if the place becomes or is an important part of history.

Commemorative PlaqueOne example of a plaque that honors a person is the blue plaque. A blue plaque is a plaque given in UK to link a place and an important person together and serves as a historical marker. According to the article “Blue Plaque hour stars” in The Oxford Times, the childhood house of Ronnie Barker, a well known British comedian, along with the house where the deceased Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees and his wife shared in Thames will have a blue plaque to commemorate the two celebrities.

Because plaques are made to remember a person, place or event, the value of plaques cannot be underestimated. A very old Chines plaque was unearthed and was auctioned. Because of the historical importance of the plaque, the bidding ended at $851,000! This just shows the importance of plaques to history.

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