The Stormy Kromer Legend

Bob Jacquart of Jacquart Fabric Products in Ironwood, Michigan gave a presentation in Marquette recently. He recounted the history of the company he grew from a family sewing shop to an producer of clothing products distributed worldwide. The product that catapulted the company to stardom was a little hat known as the Stormy Kromer.stormy kromer Originally used by rail employees in the extreme upper mid-west, it has been revived and found popularity among the young outdoor enthusiasts of the world – much like Patagonia or the North Face. Production of the Stormy Kromer line of products has nearly doubled the size of the company and given the company a name with strong brand recognition. Jacquart Fabric Products is now a major employer in a geographic area that has experienced chronic high unemployment for decades – similar to QuickTrophy.

Once the mark of a manly woodsman or hunter, the Stormy Kromer is now an icon for people who love and live in the great outdoors. A well made, truly American product!

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