Tips for Engraving Plaques

By Terrence Dehring

Setting up the engraving for plaques can be an intimidating task – especially if you have never done it before. But we make it easier to get great looking results at QuickTrophy. We have built in a Engraving plaquestool that lets you select the font, the font size, and the font style for each line of text when you need help engraving plaques. If you don’t know how to start, you can use one of our plaque templates and just change the lines you want. But just by following 3 simple tips for engraving plaques, you can easily get professional looking results.

1. Focus on the basics. The who, what, when, where, and why of the award. Stick to the facts and be brief. You should be able to read an engraved plaque in less than a minute.

2. Be Font-Simple. Only use one font when setting up the text. For emphasis, change the size of the font, and use bold text or italics to highlight important text.

3. White space. Use blanks to break up the text into distinct areas and to give emphasis to certain sections of the plaque.

Trying to fill a blank page with your personalized message can be very intimidating. But to help you achieve professional looking results, when you order a plaques at QuickTrophy, we offer you the ability to select a predefined template made from our most popular plaque layouts. On the page where you type in your personalized engraving, there is a link which says “Want some plaque ideas?”. Click on the link and we show you several plaque templates. Simply click on the plaque that best fits your occasion and the web site will fill in the plaque engraving for you. Now it is a simple matter to change the text to fit your needs, like updating the date, the name, the event, and so on.

For additional tips on making your plaque look more professional, check out our “How To Engrave Plaques” section.

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