Trophy Packing Secrets

By Terrence Dehring

How do we pack your order so it is not broken during the shipping process?

Over the years, with lots of trial and error, and with the help of packaging professionals, at QuickTrophy, we have developed a trophy packing system that seems to work pretty good. It is not 100% fail safe, but it works way better than anything else we’ve tried. And it is a system that is flexible, and adaptable to different sizes, shapes, and numbers of trophies and awards.

What makes packing trophies difficult in the first place, is that a trophy has an odd balance. It is has a piece of marble on the bottom, basically a rock, and the other end has a lightweight figurine. So when you lay a trophy in a box, it automatically wants to fall to one end, the end with the marble in it. This is difficulty number 1.Paper FIll

Another thing that makes trophy packing difficult is that every order is different. Some people order 1 trophy, some people order enough trophies for a team, and some people order a trophy, a plaque, and some medals, all at the same time. One thing packaging professionals try to do is standardize packaging. Like when you get a computer or telephone shipped to you, the packaging is form fitting and has air gaps or crush zones all around the product. This form of standardized package is impossible if every single order is different. This is difficulty number 2.

Finally, there is no single trophy packing material that works perfectly in all circumstances. Bubble wrap helps protect trophies from scratches and keeps the trophies from scratching other items in the shipping container. Plus, bubble wrap is expensive. Packing peanuts fill voids well, but they tend to move around during the shipping process. Crushed paper is inexpensive, but tends to leave gaps around the products. This is difficulty number 3.

So, the method we employ for trophy packing takes advantage of each packing material’s strengths, is flexible enough to fit any order, and protects your order from damage during the shipment. We start with using new cardboard boxes that are 200 pound test boxes.

We then put about an inch or so of cornstarch packing peanuts in the bottom of the box with a layer of cardboard above it. This provides a crush zone on the bBox Specsottom of the box. Then we place the trophy or trophies that have been wrapped in bubble wrap (to protect them from scratches) on the cardboard, trying to center the weight in the box. Next we use newsprint and crunch it up and stuff it around the trophy to provide a crush zone around the sides. More packing peanuts are used to fill in the area around the trophy. Next another piece of cardboard is placed on top and more packing peanuts are poured in to top off the container. This provides a crush zone on the top of the box. The box is closed tightly and taped shut to prevent any materials from shifting around inside the box.

For trophy packing to be done right, it takes a lot of work, and it costs more to pack your trophies and awards this way, but we want to make sure you get your order in one piece!