Un-Birthday Cake

un-birthday cakeAt QuickTrophy we celebrate birthdays with a birthday cake. We have one cake per month and celebrate all the employee birthdays for the month at the same time. In July we had 4 employees with birthdays so it was a big celebration with an Oreo Cake. But what happens when you have a month without birthdays? This happens sometimes so what do you do? Skip the cake and say “Too bad”, or have the cake and celebrate all the un-birthdays with an un-birthday cake? Thanks to Lewis Carroll, and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, we all have lots of un-birthdays!

In August we celebrated everyones “un-birthday” with a Raspberry Cake! A delicious white lemon cake with fresh raspberries between the layers and on top paired with a lemon butter cream frosting. A delicious creation of “Jule of a Cake” by our own past employee: Julia. Seems like the un-birthday cake is loved and appreciated as much or more than the birthday cake!

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