Wording Ideas for Lifetime Achievement Awards

Whether you are presenting achievement awards for sports or for good works, what you put on the certificate is important both to you and the person receiving it. After reading Ed Bouchettes article for Post-gazette.com entitled “Hines Ward Honored with Dapper Dan Lifetime Achievement Award,” I started thinking about what exactly should go on the award. What words should be used?

achievement awardA lifetime achievement award is usually given to someone who has dedicated their life to a worthy cause or given to the community in a major way. Because of the importance of the award, the names of very influential people in the community should be on the certificate. You need to write a clear statement letting it be known just what the person did to receive the award. Lifetime achievement awards are a big honor to receive and are only given to the best of the best.

Including phrases such as “awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment,” is important to let the recipient know that their outstanding contributions are being awarded and noted.

No matter what you put on the award that you are presenting, make sure that the person receiving it knows just how special they are and that the rest of the world knows as well.

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