WWII Veterans to Receive Award Medals

Our war veterans are a crucial part of our history and many of the veterans from World War II are passing away daily due to age without receiving the award medals they should have been presented with more than 65 years ago.

Historians like Jerry Barksdale that specialize in World War II biographies, are working hard to preserve the legacies left behind by these heroes.  During his research, Barksdale uncovered four veterans from the Athens, Alabama area who were awarded honors during their service in World War II, yet had not been presented with the actual award medals.  He also uncovered distinctions they should have been awarded yet had not.

The four WWII veterans to receive award medals for various honors for their service including the Legion of Honor medal issued by the French government.  The medal was instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte and is awarded “to recognize the special contribution and act of bravery while fighting for the liberation of our country…”  The men all aided the French Resistance during the 1940’s.

Although it is unclear why the men are only now being awarded the many medals they were to be awarded, Barksdale says he feels it is about time.  He believes the men deserve recognition for their efforts on behalf of civil liberation and now is better than never.

Read more about these four incredible men and their achievements in this article.

Charles Wright of Conway was finally handed his award medals for his service in the Iwo Jima campaign during World War II.  Researchers found Wright had been awarded the honors for the two medals, yet after 70 years he still had not received the actual medals.  Thecabin.net reports on this on this oversight that was finally rectified.

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