New Trophies and Awards from Quicktrophy

New trophies, awards, medals, plaques and other recognition products we’ve added to QuickTrophy’s product lineup are shown here in one easy to view location. As we add new products, they automatically show up here to make it easy for you to see what’s new. And if you see something you like, then click on the product and you are taken to a page that gives you more information about the product and lets you order and engrave them as you like.

We frequently get calls from trophy customers and potential customers asking us “What’s New?”. Because we add so many new products, it’s hard for our staff to keep up to date on everything we add, so we decided to create a page that automatically shows new products as they are added to our web site. When a new product is added, it shows up here for a few months then falls off the list as new products are added. This way you get to see the freshest trophies and awards we have.

One of the problems with structuring a page this way, though, is that we typically will add an entire new category of trophies at a time. For instance, when we added Science trophies or Spark Plug trophies, we added all the styles of trophies we make at the same time. When this happens, you see a large number of similar trophies and awards show up on this page, all dealing with the same sport. Another time this happens is when we add a new line of trophies that have variations in the sport they portray. For instance when we added a new line of resin trophies, they came sculpted in a variety of sports. So they all showed up on the New Trophies page all at the same time. It might look redundant, but it is the way we add new trophies to our QuickTrophy site. Even with the drawbacks of apparent redundancy, having a page like this that automatically shows all our new trophies and awards at once, is a very nice feature to have.

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