What is Team Swag?

Team swag refers to things that relate to the team identity and relate the team player to the team. In slang terms, swag is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. Swag is often a label people will apply to promotional products like duffle bags, pens and pencils, whistles or other items that have a logo on them. These items are used by businesses or organizations for advertising their brand. By putting their logo on items that people will use repeatedly and giving the items away, the organization is advertising their brand.

Team swag is essentially the same promotional products, but branded specifically to a sports league, or a team, or even an individual. For instance, QuickTrophy offers personalized baseball bag tags that have the image of a baseball in the background, the players last name, jersey number, and team name printed in the foreground over the baseball image. (insert picture of baseball bag tag). The baseball bag tag is made of durable high impact acrylic and comes with a strap that can be attached to a player’s duffel bag for easy and quick identification. It’s a great idea to get every player on the team their own bag tag to not only help to quickly identify what bag belongs to what player, but it also helps to develop a sense of belonging to the team – it strengthens the team bond between all the players just like matching jerseys do.

Similar in design to the bag tags are Team Patches. These are round, iron-on patches that are printed with the same image of a ball in the background, like a softball or basketball and in the foreground they feature the player name, jersey number, and team name. (Insert picture of team patch). These team patches can be ironed on the player’s backpack or duffle bag or ironed on a sweatshirt or hat. Also, friends and family of a team member can proudly wear the patches on their clothes or hats to show their support.

Other team swag available at QuickTrophy is team pins. These small, heavy duty, solid metal clutch pins feature a sports ball (like a baseball, softball, or soccer ball, for instance) in the background and the player’s jersey number in the foreground. The bag pins are for adding some decorative bling to each team player’s backpack or duffle bag, or jacket lapel. In addition, they can be worn by friends and relatives to support the team players.

Team swag can be given to each team member at the beginning of the season to help build a team identity – It makes the individual players feel like they are part of the team. Team swag can also serve as a memento of the season in the same way that medals or participation trophies do – plus they are more colorful and useful.

Team swag can also be used as a fund raiser by the teams. Friends and relatives can purchase team swag like team pins or team patches and the proceeds can be used to benefit the team. For instance, you can purchase the team patches for a few dollars each and sell them to the friends and family of each team member for say, $10 each.