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T Ball Trophies and Awards

When someone starts playing baseball on a team as a youth, it is most likely through the organized youth sport of tee-ball. Tee-ball is a great way for our young people to try out the sport of baseball in an incremental fashion. Instead of pitching the ball, it is placed on a stationary pedestal, or a tee (like a golf ball is placed on a tee), hence the name tee-ball. The ball used in tee-ball is softer, so if a player is hit by a ball, it doesn’t hurt as much as a regulation baseball. Because the ball is stationary, it is easier to hit with the bat. Youngsters can then focus on learning the basic baseball skills – hitting, running, and catching. What a great way to introduce our youth to the truly American sport of baseball. Strangely enough, there are several variations of the spelling of tee-ball, including tee ball, teeball, tball, and t-ball.

Because t-ball is usually a young person’s first introduction into organized sports, it is a good idea to provide encouragement and heap praise on the little players so they will want to excel and continue in the sport. This is a perfect example of where participation trophies are appropriate. Participation trophies have gotten a bad rap in recent years – and some of it is justified, but most is not. Participation trophies are appropriate in some instances and not in others. The appropriate use of participation trophies is when the goal is to encourage all the players and reward them for merely participating – for showing up to practice each week and showing up to the games ready to play. This type of reward is perfect for very young players – under 8 or 10 years of age. At QuickTrophy, we custom make all our t-ball trophies when you order them. We make it easy are to order your t-ball awards in only minutes. All trophies are personalized with laser engraving and assembled, packed and shipped out by the next business day.

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You did an outstanding job on the Trophies. I'm very pleased at the workmanship and the very fast shipping. I will recommend this company to everyone. Thanks again for an excellent experience and a job well done.
William-Mobile, AL USA
We had the last minute idea for two trophys for our soccer coaches. The order was placed on a Wednesday and the trophys was at my door on Friday. They was very nice and all was pleased.
I was very satisfied with my order / purchase!
Thomas-Racine, WI
I needed medals and I needed them quick. I was late ordering and if you had failed your promise on any level I would have let many Children down. Once I hit the order button you went to work. You completed the work sooner than I could have expected and you kept me informed with email updates on the order status EVERY STEP of the way. Once shipped I was able to track the order to my door step. Your prompt attention and dependable follow thru put me at ease and won you a customer for all of my awards needs. Thank you!
Marty-Medford, Oregon USA
I have been ordering trophies from Quick Trophy for 10 years. Their service is lightning fast and I have never had a quality issue (including special non-standard requests). The quality is top notch and the price is great.
Dave-St. Paul, MN
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