Fantasy Football Trophies and Awards

A Fantasy Football Trophy is a fun and easy way to keep track of the winners in your fantasy league year after year. Fantasy Football Leagues have been around for years, but it seems like they are getting more common with each football season - and the internet seems to have fostered that growth. Fantasy Football Leagues are developing for clubs, offices, work groups, and even within families. And a new and growing trend among the Fantasy Football crowd is the practice of using a perpetual fantasy football trophy to keep track of the winner for each season.

At QuickTrophy we make a large variety of Fantasy Football Trophies. Our Champion Football Cup Trophy has a plate on the front of the trophy displaying the fantasy football league name and space on the sides and back to keep track of the winners for 9 seasons. Our most popular fantasy football trophy is the Perpetual Football Cup Trophy on a double base, which has room for the league name on the top base and room for 32 winners on the larger bottom base. Our elite Fantasy Football Trophy is the Gold Ball Perpetual Football Trophy on a double rosewood base - a real beauty that weighs over 14 pounds!

QuickTrophy also makes several other styles of perpetual fantasy football trophies and they are all shown below. We manufacture and personalize all our trophies and awards at our trophy factory in northern Michigan and ship them out by the next business day directly to you! When you order the trophy for your fantasy football league, we let you set up the engraving you want in the large top plate that goes on the trophy. Then when you have a season winner, you can order a smaller tag that goes on the trophy base at this engraved plate page. Some leagues even get individual fantasy football league trophies for the season winner and have them shipped directly to the winner.
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How to make a Fantasy Football Trophy

The essential elements for a fantasy football trophy are:
1. It should be eye catching - the bigger the better.
2. It should have the name of your fantasy league displayed prominently. And
3. It should have room to display the name of the winning team, the year, and maybe the winning score.

We offer many fantasy football trophies that fill all these basic requirements. When you order your fantasy football trophy from QuickTrophy, we walk you through the process. After you select your trophy, we take you to the page where you set up the engraving for the large plate that displays the name of your fantasy football league. If your league has a logo, you can even upload the logo and have it engraved on the plate for a small upcharge. Next you are given several lines to type in the name of your league. You can change the font size, and style (bold or italics) on each line. A good rule of thumb is to make the league name biggest and most prominent and any other engraving such as the sponsor name or the league slogan smaller and less prominent. If you do upload your league logo, it always looks best at the top.

If you are having difficulty in deciding on how best to layout the engraving on your fantasy football trophy plate, we offer some plaque ideas at the light bulb icon just above the engraving section. You can also let our engravers help you do the layout, too. Just put in the engraving you want, and in the "comments" box on the checkout page (the billing and shipping addresses page), just write in "Please help with the layout and send a proof". Our engravers are more than happy to help, but this will slow the process down and we will not build and ship your trophy until after you approve the proof.

Unless your team is brand new, you may need to order tags that have engraving for your fantasy football league winner's for past years. Each fantasy football trophy has room on the base for additional tags, and each trophy has different sizes for these engraved tags. To find out which tag you need to order, pull up the listing for the fantasy football trophy you ordered. On the last line of the fantasy league trophy description will be a line which reads: "To order winners plates, click here" with a link on the "click here" text which will take you to the proper engraved tag for your fantasy football trophy. Each tag typically has room for 3 lines of engraving and it looks best if you match the layout each year from the previous tags.

And as always, you can call or email us with any questions you may have.

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