Achievement Trophies and Awards

Achievement trophies and awards are wonderful for any event that celebrates a "winner" but is not technically a sport. Commemorate events like a musical performance, an acting or directing performance, Parent of the Year award, Outstanding Wife or Husband Award, or even Mother's Day or Father's Day Trophy. Of course the most popular use of this trophy is for fantasy Oscar or fantasy Grammy competitive events and parties. No matter what, these trophies celebrating achievement are popular year round. One event that is not often celebrated is recovering from a serious injury or life threatening illness and these trophies would be perfect for a Healthy Award! At QuickTrophy we have two sizes of our standard achievement trophy: One that is 8 inches tall and a larger, more impressive achievement trophy that is 11" tall. Both are custom engraved to your specification to precisely fit your special occasion. We also offer an achievement medal, which is 2" in diameter, has an antique gold, silver, or bronze finish, your choice of attached neck ribbon, and your personalized engraving on the back.
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What is a trophy worth?

“What does a trophy cost?” We get calls and emails all the time asking that familiar question. But no one ever asks what is a trophy worth? We can easily define the cost of a trophy, but to define its value is another matter entirely.

What a trophy is worth really depends on so much more than what a trophy is made of. Sure, you can add up the cost of the parts of the trophy – the figurine, the cup, the column, the marble, even the personalized engraved plate. Add in some labor and overhead and you can calculate the cost of a trophy. But the value of a trophy cannot be calculated by a sum of the parts. The value of the trophy depends on what it symbolizes.

Just like the value of a wedding ring cannot be calculated by the cost of the metal used to make it. The value of a wedding ring is defined by the relationship it symbolizes. You can buy a wedding ring for a few hundred dollars at a jewelry shop, but how many married people would sell their wedding rings for the price of a new one? Or even twice the value of a new one? Or 10 times the value of a new ring? You see, a wedding ring has value beyond its cost, because it was part of the wedding itself – it symbolizes the wedding and marriage.

Likewise, a trophy symbolizes an accomplishment. It symbolizes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. A trophy symbolizes all the effort that went into an accomplishment, and the pride and self-confidence that goes with achieving that accomplishment.

To understand the value of a trophy, you only need to look into the eyes of the person who receives the trophy or award when you hand them the trophy. Or the joy in their face when they proudly show their trophy to other people. The look in their face, the sparkle in their eye, and the happiness radiated by their smile – its all priceless. That’s what a trophy is worth.

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