Perpetual Achievement Trophies

Perpetual achievement trophies help to keep track of the winning person or team each time it is awarded. There is room on the top large plate for the name of the event and room on the base for smaller plates to display the winner and the date. The perpetual achievement trophy cup would be perfect for an employee of the month award.

Perpetual Achievement Trophy
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Perpetual Achievement Trophy
  • Perfect for Company Award!
  • Large - Over 23" Tall
  • Brass plate for League Name
  • Enough room for 32 winners!
  • Achievement figurine on 8.75" cup
  • Double cherry wood base
  • Uses 1"x3" engraved plate for winners
  • To order winners plates, click here
1-49 $89.99 each
50-99 $87.99 each
100-249 $85.99 each
250-499 $82.99 each
500+$79.99 each


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