School Trophies and Awards

A school trophy can mean so much to a hard working student. When students excel in academic subjects such as math, music, reading, or science, they should be rewarded in the same way that athletes are rewarded for outstanding achievement: with a trophy. Academic trophies and awards are a great way to pat the student on the back and say "Way to go!". This type of positive reinforcement goes a long way in encouraging further hard work and achievement. Many school trophies are currently used for Spelling Bee Tournaments, Debate and Forensics Tournaments, Robotics and Math Tournaments, and students in these subjects appear to work harder as a result. So it only makes sense to encourage students in all subjects and in all grades to study harder and work to achieve one of these school trophies and awards.

Academic Trophy
Academic Trophies
Music Trophy
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Debate Trophy
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Graduate Trophy
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Math Trophy
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