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Bass Trophies and Awards

Bass fishing trophies and awards are a great way to celebrate the annual fishing trip, the local tournament, or even the family reunion friendly fishing competition. Bass fishing has always been great fun and a great pastime or excuse to get out on the water, but it seems that over the past couple of decades competitive bass fishing has evolved into a serious sport with big events and serious cash prizes to match. But just like professional sports have big leagues at one of the spectrum, there is still a widespread popular following at the other end - there will always be room for the youngster to go fishing just for fun.
At QuickTrophy we are the factory, so we manufacture all the fish trophies and awards we sell - from small bass fishing participation trophies for youth fishers or family outings, to larger bass awards for more serious competition like a fishing trip with the guys, to championship bass fishing trophies for the local community fishing tournament. We even have large perpetual bass fishing trophies for events or tournaments that happen every month or every year.
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Types of Bass Fishing Trophies

There are many types of fishing trophies in general and bass fishing trophies in particular. The type of fishing award used depends on the activity it is used to commemorate.

Fishing trophies used to award the winners of bass fishing tournaments tend to be more large and extravagant than those used for family outings. For annual recurring fishing tournaments, a traveling fish trophy would be perfect. We have them on the QuickTrophy web site in the Bass Perpetual Trophies section. The traveling fish trophy has a large main plaque plate to engrave the event name and places for smaller engraved plates that can be added each year to list the winner, the year, and the size of the catch that resulted in the win. Also very popular for fishing tournament trophies are the large multi-column fish trophies.

For smaller, local fishing derby trophies, the double marble fish trophies or the bass trophies with trim on the side are most popular. These trophies give the winner a great and substantial memento of the event and can fit within any budget. They also come in multiple sizes so you can present a 1st place bass trophy, a 2nd place bass trophy, and a 3rd place bass trophy. On the trim trophies you can add a smaller figurine that shows the place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), or the year the fishing derby took place.

Finally, for family reunion contests or to commemorate the landing of a trophy fish, smaller participation bass trophies, particularly the fisherman trophy featuring a fisherman figurine are very popular items. Bass fishing plaques provide a nice reminder of the fishing trip that you can hang on the wall out of the way.

If you catch a trophy fish that you mount for hanging on the wall in your office or man-cave, you may need to get an engraved fishing plaque to put the location of the catch, the size, and date of the trophy catch. You can order these custom engraved plaques at this location. These engraved plates are available in several different colors and sizes and all come with adhesive on the back to make installation a snap. Happy Fishing!

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