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QuickTips is a place on QuickTrophy where we share information about things related to trophies, awards, engraving, plaques, employee recognition, medals, and other forms and methods of recognizing personal achievement. Think of this as an Information Center or Learning Center for the world of trophies and awards. If you have a question about how to structure the layout of an employee recognition plaque or what is the difference between styles of trophies, or trying to figure out if handing out participation trophies is a good idea or not, then this may be the place to start your search. Plus, if you are looking for some information about trophies or awards or employee recognition, and you can’t find your answer here or elsewhere, then drop us a line at this link, and we’ll try to answer it for you. Chances are others have the same question, so we’ll likely add an article in response to your question. Thanks for helping us help you.