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Table Tennis Trophies and Awards

Table Tennis or Ping Pong? Seems like the terms are used interchangeably. Or maybe the purists prefer table tennis over ping pong. Turns out that table tennis is the proper name and ping pong was a brand name of a table tennis set dating back to Great Britain in 1901. The brand name was sold to Parker Brothers in the US who enforced their trademark and forced all the “Ping Pong” associations to change their name to “Table Tennis” associations, even though the name ping pong was more commonly used. Sort of like Frisbee – a brand name that is so commonly used, everyone understands what it is.

No matter what you call it, table tennis is very popular and has even risen to the status of an Olympic sport – where they refer to it as Table Tennis, even though a lot of the fans call it Ping Pong. Here at QuickTrophy we defer to the Olympians and call them Table Tennis trophies (and only sometimes Ping Pong trophies). In any case, we make many styles, sizes and shapes of table tennis trophies. From small, economical trophies, to larger, more impressive table tennis trophies, all the way up to the large, championship sized table tennis trophies. And if you have an annual ping pong tournament at your family gathering, we have perpetual trophies that will help you keep track of the winner year by year for an entire generation. Each order is custom made to match your specification at our QuickTrophy factory. You can easily order your table tennis awards on our easy to use website in only minutes. We custom engrave the labels on each trophy to fit your instructions and pack and ship them out the door by the next business day.

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 Number of Reviews: 2793
I decided to purchase a few school trophies for an award ceremony we were having on the fly. I needed the trophies ASAP, so I found this site and I was impressed by the speediness of their products! Very pleased!
Kate-NY, USA
I placed an order, it came wrong. I demanded a refund but instead was sent another plaque but was caught up in the mail and arrived late. I asked for another refund but no one responded to that. In the end, I will seriously think twice before dealing with this company again. Customer service and attention to detail is the main culprit for my reservations with Quick Trophy.
Michelle-Salt Lake City, UT USA
I received exceptional service and a terrific product at a great price.
Phil-Marquette, MI
Two favorite trophies were broken during a move. I ordered replacements from QuickTrophy. They arrived on time and were exactly as described. I will order from them in the future, and will recommend them to others. I was very pleased.
Mike-Green Valley, AZ
I had forgotten to order until almost too late. Quick trophy let me design my trophies with engraving and was able to get them out for shipping a whole day earlier than quoted. Even a whole three days before any other website quoted delivery. The emails kept me very well informed on where the progress of the order was, and I was able to plan my event without worries because I knew the trophies would arrive in time.
Janet-Lander, WY
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